Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Pictures of Dominica: Victoria Waterfalls Hiking takes you on the trail to the secluded area in the heart of Dominica’s rainforest where the White River shoots over the cliffs in a spectacular cascade of water. On the way - multiple river crossings, exotic plants; at the end Victoria Falls, large pool and fabulous natural scenery.

Victoria Waterfalls :    Exploring secrets of the island

Victoria Falls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Island of Dominica and probably the largest one by the water flow.

But there is much more that makes Victoria Falls one of the most attractive touristic sites in Dominica.

The Fame & Mystery of Victoria Falls starts with the Riviére Blanche (White River) itself.

The fact that plunging over the cliff water originates up in the mountains in the mysterious Boiling Lake makes it right away very special.

The waterfall drops approximately 200 feet (61m) down to the large milky-white pool.

It is a nice place to relax, although the water is not that much warm as it could be expected given its “boiling” source up in the mountains.

Surrounding nature: steep cliffs covered by ferns, vines and long braids of roots hanging down the slopes as well as mist of water spray adds the extra charm making this secluded place a real gem on the island of Dominica.

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking: It all starts here from the parking lot in front of Moses' house :-)......

Adding to the attractiveness of this adventure is the trekking path to the falls. Despite being relatively short and flat it is not an easy one.

The access to the Victoria Falls hiking trail is from the Atlantic coast near the village Delices. The trail starts from the private parking lot owned by joyful Rastafarian named Moses (his little house and lifestyle is reminiscent of “Time of Innocence” characteristic to the movement of Hippies in late 60’s).

Initially the trail is well visible sneaking through lush and dense rainforest. But once it reaches the White River the easy part ends and real fun starts. You will be crossing the river five times, sometimes following the riverbed for several yards or walking along its rocky banks. On the way there will be big boulders to climb and deep water to cross.

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking: La Riviere Blanche will make you company all the way up to the waterfalls

The riverbed is rocky and slippery so forget the barefoot adventure. To make the best out of this journey you have to have good shoes to walk in the water (sneakers will do the job).

The level of water heavily depends on the weather conditions. During the rainy season (July through October) you can expect quite a lot of “liquid sunshine” from the sky (BTW isn’t it a very warm and poetic description of the “shower-from-the sky” :-)?). Keep in mind that in Dominica rain can be pouring and even if the island’s shore does not show any sign of this local “liquid sunshine”, the rain may be literally washing mountains in the center of the island. As the result the water level in the river can change surprisingly quickly ……

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking: Fruit of cacao plant does not show any resemblance to the chocolate….

You will need the local guide to safely reach Victoria Fall. The trail (if you can call it this way) is almost totally unmarked. In particular deciding when to cross the river and where to pick-up the “trail” on the other side is a guessing process with doubtful outcome. At few occasions the “trail” splits making it even harder to find the right direction.

It is about 1 hour hike each way plus time to relax (let’s call it - take shower) in the Victoria Pool. On the way up and down in these rare moments when you do not have to pay close attention where to put your feet, you will experience rich biodiversity of Dominica’s nature. Wet climate and high average temperatures contributed to wide variety of native flora and wildlife (birds).

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking: Finally the jungle reveals the stunning scenery of the waterfalls....

For many, the most interesting example of exotic plants may be the cacao plant and fruit – to most of us mysterious and “little” known part of the “chocolate chain”….

Summarizing this journey into the “Depth of the Nature”:

Victoria Falls despite being located not far from the shore wonderfully manages to preserve its virginity. Thanks to secrecy of the hiking path the waterfalls and pool are totally isolated from human-made noise and “pollution” being able to live its own, undisturbed life.

Despite of the recent popularity in the news, thankfully Victoria Falls are not crowded with hoards of backpackers. I guess the Mother Nature making Victoria Falls hiking trail “no-easily-accessible” kindly regulates the flow…. …. As the result, Victoria Falls is a truly majestic place where you can “connect with the nature”…. And let’s hope it will stay like that for long!

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

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Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking: the trails winds along the White River five times crossing the waters.

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

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Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking: Beauty of the pure nature ......

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

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Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

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Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking: The White River is the only indication of the trail... It may be not the most comfortable one, but certainly it is beautiful...

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking

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Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking: Mission accomplished - at the end of the hike the magic Victoria Falls....

Dominica Victoria Waterfalls Hiking:    Tips

• it is half-day trip, suitable for “average-fit” persons not afraid to walk across or along the river;

• The guide is absolute “must” given the lack of signs and “hidden” sections of the path. Also climbing boulders at the last section of the trail requires help from someone knowing “the best way to go”;

• avoid rainy season and any time after downpours (the river level will be high and current strong);

• have a good pair of shoes (one for the trail and one for the time “after”). Any sandals or flip-flops are “deadly” – please take it seriously, if you do not want to risk twisting your ankle(s) and end up the trip being carried out;

• If you are already there - few miles by road from the village of Delices there are Sari-Sari waterfalls. The access is a bit easier but you have to keep in mind that on Dominica Island there are no flat “promenade-style” trails! It is the volcanic island with the largest number of volcanoes compared to its size and land mass.

And here is the bonus from the Jungle Bay Resort & Spa to help you memorize this wonderful journey :-)

If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)

Falling in love with Dominica? I do not blame you, it happens to almost everybody visiting this "Nature Island" hidden on the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. So relax, forget your problems back home and enjoy :-):

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