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Full Moon Adventure Tour (Luna Llena)

Each month during approximately 5 days of the full moon, the Iguacu Falls National Park organizes night visits to the Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo).

The adventure starts at the nightfall and ends late night with the courtesy cocktail at the visitor center.

Optionally you can also take the dinner (keep in mind that in Argentina many restaurants open after 10pm what is considered as a “normal” time for the dinner).

You will be taken by the Train of the Jungle (Tren Ecologico) to the station El Diablo from where you will walk through about 1200 meters (3/4 mile) of catwalks (pasarelas) to the observation deck at the Devil’s Throat.

All I tried to put in words on these pages (anyhow an impossible task if not accompanied by the Free Iguazu Falls pictures) is unimaginably magnified by the night scenery in all shades of the moonlight. At this point I prefer to leave it to your imagination.

Please note that if you decided to travel to Iguazu Falls - you may want to carefully time your visit fitting the narrow window of opportunity offered by the Moon.

Free Iguassu Falls Pictures

Salto Dos Hermanos seen from the Lower Circuit.

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

full size: 2.03MB 1;95MB 2.04MB 2.60MB 2.82MB

Iguassu waterfalls are an example of the stunning beauty of the nature.

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

full size: 1.75MB 2.13MB 1.98MB 2.72MB

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

ree Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

full size: 1.79MB 2.17MB 2.45MB 3.02MB

The Iguacu National Park is not only about waterfalls - it is also a sanctuary for birds and in general wildlife.

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

full size: 4.96MB 5.05MB 5.19MB 4.96MB

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

full size: 4.35MB 4.36MB 4.47MB 4.53MB

I'm sure each of you will find on these web-site something to keep for yourself...

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

full size: 4.19MB 4.45MB 3.71MB 3.33MB

Finally promised earlier display of rainbows :-). Believe me, they add a lot of charm to these anyhow magic place.

Iguazu Falls Info:
     Few important things to remember:

– the Devil’s Throat observation platform can be “considerably” sprayed with zillions of droplets of water from the falls. During a sunny and hot day it is a quite pleasurable experience, but no so during the night. So take with you the raincoats.

– To fully experience the Full Moon Adventure you have to get in an “emotional” contact with the nature of the Iguazu Falls. We all know that the talk can be cheap, but we are often forgetting that the talk may be also disturbing, especially in such mysterious place at night.

So please, try to keep quite, open all your senses and graciously melt with the surroundings to feel their “pulse”. Later, you will have enough of time to share your feelings and believe me, they will be much deeper.

Learn to be quite enough to hear the sound of the genuine within yourself so that you can hear it in others.
Marian Wright Edelman

Needless to say that this truth applies to the Nature as well!

Macuco Trail (Sendero Macuco)

     This is a secluded 3.5 km (2.2 miles) long trail through the wilderness to a magnificent waterfall Salto Arrechea.

The best of the story is that the trail is not so popular so it will be truly jungle experience. If you can spot wildlife somewhere in the Iguazu Falls Park then certainly it will be here.

Although so close to the park’s main attractions, the trail is so quite that actually wildlife can live their own lives here. Keep it this way when taking this path.

Remember that you have to walk back the same distance. But the effort is well rewarded not only by “connecting” with the nature but also by the fact that you can take the refreshing swim in the waterfall pool.

As everywhere in the subtropical climates be aware of potential mosquitoes’ spread diseases. Good insects repellent with a high DEET content and sunscreen are the must.

Ready for the next step - Argentina side of the Iguacu waterfalls from the top of the cliffs? The best is in front of you - I kept it for the end to to make sure that with each consecutive page and each photo you will enjoy more and more.

The next page of the Free Iguassu Falls Pictures (just a click away) will show you the Iguazu waterfalls in the myriad of rainbows spanning misty gorges. 

To continue the tour of Iguazu National Park click:
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However if at any time during this tour of the Iguacu Falls in pictures you got lost, or you got so excited and already started planing your trip to the Iguazu Falls National Park, you may click: Iguacu Falls Map and Info

hotels with infinity pools

Good news - if you are physically and emotionally tired after the day at Iguazu Falls National Park, then the best idea is to go to the hotel and have a good rest. You can do it by either clicking the picture on the left or the following link:
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And do not forget to stop at Tropicana Birds Park on the Brazilian side of the Iguacu Falls by clicking: Parque das Aves

However if you are falling in love with Argentina (I wouldn't be surprised, it happened to me), then you are invited to the following pages to find the large selection of tourist destinations and attractions in Argentina, as well as travel tips for those heading there for the first time....
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If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)

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