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See gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans as well as more sweet and funny animal world in free monkey pictures.

Meeting Monkeys....

When I look at these beautiful free photos of monkeys, I cannot but help to feel a special connection to these magnificent primates.

In our series about monkeys depicted in these free stock photos, we can see many similarities to the human race.

Starting from the fact that they almost like us in our childhood time enjoy playing games, making "fun" of each other, vividly expressing their moods....

If you look for example at a gorilla, gesturing to his mate or his offspring you may experience the energy and love expressed by these monkeys, here brought to you in these few pictures.

I feel that the gorilla’s message is understandable to us, his body language resemble our own to a certain extent. As when we use our hands to point to something when we talk to others, the gorilla does too.

I believe that just like us, the gorilla is using his arms and fingers to indicate to his companion or another primate his thoughts.

monkey picture

monkey picture

monkey picture

Free Monkey Pictures: Grace and agility make them so funny....

monkey picture

monkey picture

monkey picture

Free Monkey Pictures: There may be many reasons to respect Gorillas - certainly one of them is their imposing power and authority...

monkey picture

monkey picture

monkey picture

chimpamzee picture orangutan pictures
Free Monkey Photos:
On the left: Chimps have quite advanced "intelligence" and amazingly sophisticated skills. They certainly deserve the top position in the animal world - although we still associate the "brute force" of lions as the justification for their title of King.
On the right: Sorry "guys" - but you do not look very "inviting".

monkey picture

monkey picture

Free Monkey Photos: Mandrill pictures.

When I hear a chimpanzee “screaming” to Another, I cannot help myself from observing her facial expression. These unique mammals, who are said to be our closest “cousins” from the animal world show evidence of similarly rich body language (may be even more evolved than ours because they cannot speak!).

This is why I feel very privileged to have had opportunities to observe these exotic monkeys in a habitat resembling their own during a recent visit to Loro Parque in the Canary Islands, where several species of primates were accessible to visitors.

One element of beauty that is specific to monkeys is their peacefulness.

In most cases, the free monkey photos express an atmosphere of peace, quiet personality and natural friendliness.

This is precious because these are traits that are also found in humans (although sometimes I think that we may still learn that from the animal world), and this is clearly visible when you look at these monkey pictures.

The pictures you see here will let you take a close-up look at these animals that are usually very inaccessible.

So please enjoy what these wonderful primates have to offer by browsing through our collection of free stock monkey pictures.

I am sure that you will find one or more photo that will brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Don't hesitate to download a photo to use as a desktop background if you are drawn to it.

If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)


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