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Mt Everest - Himalayan secrets that the Tibetan Mother Nature jealously keeps away from the “intruders’ eyes”…..

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Mount Everest  cont....
     I cannot describe you our sigh of relief when first from far and then from closer and closer the Mother of all Mountains exposed her beautifully majestic silhouette over the clear sky.

It was something almost unreal – combination of the stunning beauty and power of the raw nature, legendary but also so real and surprisingly almost at the touch of the fingers…

From the Mt. Everest Base Camp the special bus took us to the observation point – a little hill richly decorated with Tibetan prayer flags and rock piles with an open view on the Chomolongma.

Thin air suddenly was not a problem, excitement took over! We quickly (given the fact of being at 5500m above the sea level) climbed the hill and then I had to pinch myself to believe my eyes….. .

I’m aware that the following pictures of Mt Everest give you just the glimpse of real emotions filling the soul of someone experiencing it from so close……

Free Mt Everest Pictures

Free Mt Everest Pictures

Free Mt Everest Pictures

Free Mt Everest Pictures

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Free Mt 
Everest Pictures

Free Mt
Everest Pictures

Free Mt
Everest Pictures

Free Mt Everest Pictures

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View on the mountain with Prayer Flags.

Free Mt Everest Pictures

    The rock piles and prayer flags are the most visible symbols of the Tibetan Buddhism. Rock piles have origins in Mongolia, serving as religious sites and places of worship.

This practice was adopted by Tibetans to pay homage to the spirits of mountains to ensure a safe journey – certainly a great concern for people living in the wilderness of the Roof of the World.

Rock Pile

Raising rock piles certainly requires not only a physical effort but also a prayer and meditation….. . Although most of them are erected from regular stones easily available in the area, some may contain rocks with inscriptions of Buddhist mantras.

Prayer Flags so visible in every corner of Tibet serve the similar purpose. In believes of local people they personify a human quest for happiness and peace. The wind endlessly carries written on them prayers and spreads the Buddhist blessings.

Free Mt Everest Pictures

Free Mt Everest Pictures

Free Mt Everest Pictures

Free Mt Everest Pictures

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Free Mt Everest Pictures

Free Mt Everest Pictures

Free Mt 
Everest Pictures

Free Mt
Everest Pictures

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Quomolangma's North Face seen from the base camp .

Free Mt Everest Pictures Free Mt Everest Pictures Free Mt Everest Pictures Free Mt 
Everest Pictures
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3rd from the left - All in one: Mount Everest, Rock Piles and Prayer Flags... This picture offers the very precious and sacred part of Tibet....

Now, once I had time for reflections I have to admit that Mt. Everest seen from the North Base Camp was quite different from what I was expecting.

In my naïve beliefs from the stories I read about Himalayas, I imagined a gigantic mountain range created by the tectonic collision of gargantuan proportions, I imagined numerous summits piercing the sky.

Well, may be it was just what I wanted to believe in? Because the reality was quite different – confirming the well known truth that our perceptions of reality are strongly affected by the “point of observation”.

The fact is – Mt Everest seen from about 5500 meters above the sea level although still impressive, has rather a “human face”. The mere extra 3300 meters makes the Queen of the Mountains looking more “friendly” and welcoming than it is in reality. I know that this is an illusion contrasting with the image hard-coded in my consciousness……

So many learned this lesson in a tragic way……

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North Everest Base Camp

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For those "parachuted" to Mt. Everest and wanting to start the epic journey across the Tibetan plateau from Lhasa to Kathmandu, here is the link:
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himalayan mountains - mt everest

As a "bonus" - visit to Everest Base Camp during a journey through Tibet. Scenes of Everest, hike to Everest Base Camp and flight past Everest by Thomas and Donna.

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