Sky and Sea of Clouds
Nagarkot Nepal

Sky above you and sea of clouds dotted with green islands below you – that is what you experience in Nagarkot. And the best of all – on the far horizon snow-capped Himalayan Ranges. This is Nepal my friends….

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Sunsets and sunrises...

     Yes, that is exactly the case – sky above you and sky below you with meandering clouds trying to find their way in the mountainous area of the northern Nepal.

     Nagarkot is well known as the Mecca for all nature’s lovers, for tourists willing to take an extra step to see more than the busy streets and shops of Kathmandu. 

This is a paradise for those brave hearts not afraid to step out of known tracks and “immerse” themselves in vast areas of unspoiled nature.

Nagarkot is definitely a paradise for sunset or sunrise watchers, for those willing to get up very early to quench the thirst from the morning dew, to feed the soul on fantastic views….

The extraordinary location of Nagarkot offers you not just the sunrise and sunset.

The effects of light, its spectrum of colors, deepness of scenic views together with the dramatic landscape of the northern Nepal largely magnify the usually fairy-tale like scenery.

Free Nagarkot Sunrise Pictures

Sunset over the Himalayas. View at about 5am from the Country Villa Hotel in Nagarkot. 

    Am I exaggerating? Well, please have a look at this set of photos presented by The Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures.

I’m sure you will be as fascinated as I was during my short stay in Nagarkot Hotel Country Villa from where most of these pictures were taken.

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

full size: 1.58MB 1.53MB 1.65MB 1.54MB

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

full size: 1.59MB 1.52MB 1.45MB 1.57MB

Sunrise seen from Nagarkot then clouds are coming covering the valley in the dense satin ....

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

full size: 2.24MB 1.59MB 1.66MB 1.62MB

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

full size: 1.79MB 1.60MB 1.45MB 2.11MB

     The best of Nagarkot picturesque scenery is its dynamism (may be not everybody will agree with me on that). Well, let me explain my belief – I agree that a still-like panorama offers the chance to fill all your senses with something possibly very unique and beautiful thanks due to its “never-ending” character.

Free Nagarkot Nepal Sunrise Pictures
Free Nagarkot Nepal Sunrise Pictures

Flowers are part of the fabulous views. Clouds and fog add mystery to the shape of the landscape....

But for me a “motion” adds greatly to the dramatic vistas, enriches emotional part of our perception, multiplies the visual effects.

With every passing minute we see something different, areas obscured by clouds or bathed in shade suddenly reveal themselves to our senses; others fully exposed in full sunlight few minutes ago, disappear from our view.

Free Nagarkot Nepal Pictures

Rainbow adds extra beauty to the majestic scenery. 

     Emotions are boiling in the soul, eyes are grasping each new form and shape of the landscape, we may have the strong feelings that this is a slow motion “voyage” across the endless countryside with no beginning nor end.

This is the place where imagination can only fly limited by sky, but even that may be not true. Certainly there is no room there for stillness and procrastination.

The good news for those wishing more physical exercise – tourism in Nepal is mostly all about trekking. The area of Nagarkot on top of many trails for well determined (but not necessarily experienced) hikers offers also many opportunities for just wandering around. In the vicinity there is a Lookout Tower offering the spectacular 360 degrees view during the sunny winter days. The paradise-like Nagarkot's surroundings may also enjoy bird-watchers….. 

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