World in free stock pictures, photos and stories behind them opens for you!

My Dear visitor, you just opened the door to the Amazing World in free stock pictures and photos.

And if you like to “feel” the beauty of nature, be captivated by its wonders, follow well known paths but also these “less traveled”, visit top destinations as well as these hidden from the “public eyes” then you are in the right place.....

"Submarino" on the lake in Atuel Canyon near Mendoza (Argentina)

The place that offers thousands of pictures and photos free of charges and restrictions (provided it is for personal use only - see Terms of Use).

Be it pictures of landscapes, animals, plants & flowers but also cities and their secrets, monuments, castles, theaters, hotels and restaurants, bridges – just name it….

Or may be you would you like to witness existence of all these “little things” we pass-by everyday without really noticing them – like street lamps, or strange clouds patterns on the sky?

What about pictures of eye catching birds or these little flying beauties – butterflies?

Monarch Butterfly (picture taken on Canary Islands)

Well, all that and much more you will find easily in this amazing world in pictures. And the best is – you will also find here a lot of written stories presenting facts, educational and informative details and personal thoughts related to pictures, places, locations, objects…..

Because Amazing World in pictures is much more than just pictures….

Palacio Barolo - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

You will find here pictures and stories from North and South Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. But hopefully soon these will be followed by more locations and remaining continents as I expect to continue my journey across the world….

So be my companion on this adventurous journey across the continents. Just let your imagination go wild with the help of thousands of free stock pictures and written memories gathered from all over the world that I would like to share with you.

Krakow Old Town restaurants - Cyrano de Bergerac

They may inspire you to:

- Download some of the free stock pictures warming up your heart, making you feel happier……

- Travel to newly discovered destinations (kind of travel from the world of free stock pictures to the picturesque Free World);

- Look around the place you live to find many exciting scenes worth of being memorized in pictures;

- Read “thousand and one” stories related to some pictures,

- Or simply share your own memories and pictures with the online community.

Or inspired by what you will find on these pages you may even consider this idea:

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Yes, all these free stock pictures and photos are available for you with no restrictions and free of charge.

Giant Panda in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Sichuan Province, China)

You can freely download them to your computer without any “small print on the back of the page” limitations, and then print them, make customized post cards or greeting cards, use them in your documents. You name it…. simply “sky is the limit”.

Spring flowers in Peru...

You will find in this stock of free pictures a lot of breathtaking images you never saw and never expected to exist, many great ones, good enough and possibly just so-so photos, but that is exactly the purpose of this web-site: to show you the life around us as it is in a genuine way, without embellishment or alterations. As we well know, sometimes it is in an overwhelming spectrum of deep colors, sometimes however it is a little “foggy”….

Sacred Yamdrok Lake in Tibet (also called Scorpion Lake due to its shape)

Because in the real life there is place not only for these spectacular sceneries that happen once a blue moon and are enjoyed by only few chosen spectators. The beauty is all over around us, in an everyday context and that is what I’m trying to reflect on the pages of this amazing world in free stock of pictures and photos.

Regardless of how great or so-so these pictures are in your eyes, please keep in mind that behind each one there is some story, something that inspired me to open my camera and take the shot. Some of these stories and feelings I’m sharing on the following pages with you, some I leave open for your imagination to complete, as you alone can see it, in a unique way...

White lion cubs with their mother in Buenos Aires' Zoo

So please enjoy the voyage in the beautiful world of free stock pictures and photos, share your experience, and take part in our photo contest for the picture of the month...You identified yourself with one of the places from where you wanted to send a postcard to your family or friends but did not have the opportunity to take a shot? Feel free to make a personalized postcard from the available stock of pictures and photos.

Simply feel that the Amazing World is opening in front of you and sharing its secrets, because truly you are an important part of it! Possibly at the end of the visit you may start to feel like being a Seasoned Traveler , one of those mentioned by Benjamin Disraeli:

"Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen."

Puente del Inca - Andes (Argentina)

At the end let me share with you, my dear visitors an overwhelming feeling. Long time ago I read that:

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with u, or we find it not" (R. W. Emerson)

Early morning view on the Massif of Annapurna - Pokhara (Nepal).

During my travel journeys I found it to be so true. Yes, we have to carry with us not only “the beautiful” but also the inner happiness and smile. These seemingly “fairy-tale” like states of our soul carry an astonishing amount of magical power.

In simple words - “A smile on our face, raises one on someone else's face” causing the “snowball” effect. That is what I personally experienced so many times when meeting with people all over the world. And this is what I’m trying to do in my own life.

But I’m also hoping that what you read and see in this amazing world of free stock pictures and photos, will bring You as my companions on this journey, making this World not only a happier but also better place to live.

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Sunset on the Yangtze

Dear Visitor, welcome to the Amazing World ……

Navigating throughout the pages of this website you will discover breathtaking places.....

To joyfully begin this voyage of discovery you may first want to chew over the following thoughts:

When we lack the proper time for the simple pleasures of life…. then we have missed the purpose of life (Ed Hays).

Death Valley - on the way to Boiling Lake in Dominica.


Make the most of every sense, glory in all of the pleasures and beauty which the world reveals to you (Hellen Keller).

Hopefully, most of you will find here something that will make up your day…:-)

Infinity Pool in Loi Suites hotel near Iguazu Falls

Some, encouraged by findings may even decide to follow Mark Twains’ advise:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, dream, discover …

All the best!

Tara River Bridge in Montenegro

P.S If on these pages you will find something that will bring a smile of happiness on your face, that means I accomplished the task.

In return you can give me a favor, please offer this smile to your family and friends….

The smile is contagious!

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