Buenos Aires Walking Tours: Guide for Visitors

Buenos Aires walking tours are the best means to explore the capital of Argentina:  So let’s  discover attractions to see, places to visit, maps, information, stories and tips with free pictures from the “Paris of the South”...

Discover the capital of Argentina

Buenos Aires is a magnificent city of about 3 millions inhabitants (with suburbs and neighborhoods easily exceeding 12 millions).

For some it is known for its rich cultural life with the atmosphere vibrating for 24/7, for its numerous theaters dotting Avenue Corrientes, for bohemian life dominating San Telmo, for great professional tango shows as well as lively street performances.

For others – it is admired for its eclectic architecture seen all over the city, for numerous museums, art galleries, antique shops and monuments commemorating historical events and persons or simply exposing the pure beauty of art.

Then there are nature lovers appreciating beautiful parks bringing the nature into the city, trees lining along the streets, suspended gardens on balconies and Tigre – a vast area of thousand and one (or more) islands in the estuary of the River Plate.

Finally there are those coming here for tasty food dominated by meat from pampas (think organic!) diluted with streams of Mendoza wine, best ice-creams in the world and friendly people. Simply speaking Buenos Aires has is all and it is a very rare case that someone leaves Buenos without the strong wish to come back here as soon as possible or even sooner.

Buenos Aires is often called "Paris of the South" - Seeing this stunning facade of the Palacio Barolo, it is easier to understand why...

Quote from Lonely Planet:
With its unique mix of European and South American cultures, and a native passion for dance, the Argentine capital provides fertile ground for lively nightlife. There's an emphasis on fashion and a diverse range of entertainment offerings in Buenos Aires' barrios. Relax at a swinging jazz club or dance all night by the waterfront; some clubs and cultural centers offer classes so you can learn to tango or salsa like a local. There's everything from Irish pubs and local folk to house parties.

Those interested in Lonely Planet testimony can find that the first place went to Belgrade (Serbia), and the second to Montreal followed by Buenos what you can check at:

Lonely Planet guide - "1000 Ultimate Experiences." .

The bottom line is – Buenos Aires is soooooo big, and has sooooo much to offer that you may quickly get lost in the “jungle of attractions and destinations”. That is why the Buenos Aires Walking Tours site invites you for the virtual tour of Buenos, across carefully selected places so that once there, you will know where to go and what to see. You will find here information, stories and a lot of free, large resolution pictures.

Buenos Aires Walking Tours: Palacio Barolo

Entrance to Inferno (in reference to Dante's "Divine Comedy"

Walking along the Avenida de Mayo (with your head up) you may spot a magnificent building at the address 1370 .

Do not pass-by without stopping and walking into the Entrance Hall. This is Palacio Barolo - a tourist destination itself.

To visit the Palacio Barolo please select the following link: Palacio Barolo - Virtual Guided Tour 

Plaza San Martin

Anchorena Palace - once was owned by one of the wealthiest Argentinean family, today serves for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs...

Plaza San Martin is one of the most famous places in Buenos Aires. Very colorful historically, surrounded by magnificent mansions (Anchorena Palace), marvelous buildings (Edificio Kavanagh and Hotel Plaza), most beautiful churches (Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament) and monuments (English Tower and Monument to General Jose de San Martin) - it is one of "must to see" city's attractions. Welcome for the Plaza San Martin walking tour.
To start the Buenos Aires Walking Tour from the overview of the of the Plaza San Martin, see maps, learn the history of this famous place, please select the following link:  San Martin Plaza Walking Tour

Teatro Colon

I've been told that before you reserve plane tickets to Buenos Aires, first you make sure you have tickets for the performance in the Teatro Colón. The bottom line is that once you arrive to Buenos the most common information you can hear is "Sold out".
No wonder - Teatro Colón is recognized as one of the best in the world. L. Pavarotti said that theater's acoustic is so perfect that there is no room for any mistake there....

The good news is that even if you miss the performance or the theatrical season (from December till February the theater is closed for "summer" vacations), there are guided tours so at least you can see the theater from the inside.

You can do it right now by clicking either the picture or the following link:  Teatro Colon Tour

Buenos Aires Zoo Park

In 2010 the Zoo Park announced great news -three white lion cubs were born...

The Zoo of Buenos Aires is quite unique in a sense that you can enjoy there not only the great variety of animal species but also numerous architectural art-works, all combined together in this recreational area. The first directors – Eduardo L. Holmberg and Clemente Onelli had a great vision to create this zoo park as an area of art and monuments. No wonder that in 1997 the whole Zoo Park was declared as the National Historical Monument.

Obviously it is always the best to visit the Zoo park in person, but if you do not have such opportunity right now, then please click on the picture above or select the following link:   Visit Buenos Aires Zoo

Buenos Aires' Botanical Garden is much more than the garden, it's also an open-air art gallery...

To start this voyage to the oasis of peace and serenity please follow the link:

Botanical Garden Carlos Thays

Buenos Aires is the city of parks - and the Botanical Garden is only one of many dotting the landscape of the city.

Similarly as the situated next to it Zoo Park, the Botanical Garden is a combination of plants, bushes and flowers with an art.

Sculptures, statues and ponds scattered throughout the park add to the charm of the place.

The Green House structure has its own artistic and historical value.... Do you need more than fresh air, shade, beauty of art and the abundant nature in the middle of the city? 

You may also try to visit the United Nations Plaza - a park with the gigantic blooming flower called "La Flor" - a work by an Argentinean architect Eduardo Catalano. Just select the link: 
 United Nations Flower Park

Recoleta - the famous City of Dead in Buenos Aires

The cemetery of Recoleta is one of the major tourist destinations in Buenos Aires.

And this is not only due to the fact that Eva Duarte-Peron found her resting place here.

You will find here graves of most prominent Argentinean politicians, generals, artists, writers, Nobel prize winners, friends and adversaries - all united in an everlasting peace. The Recoleta cemetery is built as a "city" with magnificent mausoleums, crypts, chapels, monuments and statues along the narrow "streets" (walkways). And behind most of them there is a story.....
Please follow the link: Recoleta Cemetery

You may also stop at the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Recoleta (next to the cemetery) by selecting the link: Church Our Lady of Pillar

Plaza de Mayo: Unusual facade of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

On the opposite corner of the plaza you will find the Metropolitan Cathedral - a place of rest for the National Hero - General Jose Martin.
Needles to mention that the cathedral is a masterpiece itself worth to visit.
Please follow the link: Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral

Puerto Madero - view on the Puente de la Mujer.

       Puerto Madero is one of these "must-to-visit" places in Buenos Aires. You will find here the past of an old port - today transformed to restaurants, discos, galleries and luxurious lofts. You will see modern "concrete-steel-glass" structures including some real masterpieces of modern art. Looking for traces of the famous sculptress Lola Mora? Well, then it is the right place to see her monumental fountain depicting the "birth of Venus". And finally - parks, flowers and the enclave of nature - a real one.

To see all that please select the link: Puerto Madero

And if you are already here spend some time out of city crowded street by visiting nearby: --> Reserva Ecologica Costanera

Presidential Palace - Casa Rosada on the Plaza de Mayo.

        Plaza de Mayo witnessed many far-reaching events in the history of Argentina. It was here where from the balcony of the Casa Rosada Eva Peron gave her highly emotional speech. It is here where the mothers of those disappeared during "dark ages" of last century gather for silent walks (Madres de Plaza de Mayo). 

To read more about the history of the Plaza de Mayo, see pictures of surrounding buildings and monuments please select the following link: Plaza de Mayo Tour


Visit the Plaza del Congreso just on the opposite end of the Avenida de Mayo, with the monumental structure of Parliament, Monument to Two Congresses, "The Thinker" (by Rodin), "Touch of Gaudi" etc... by selecting the link: Tour of the Plaza del Congreso

Mother Nature so close to the bustling city of Buenos Aires - Delta Tigre

Getting in touch with the nature in Tigre Delta you are still only an hour from Buenos Aires, but you will feel there like being far away from the city and distant from any aspect of civilization. The omnipresence of the nature is overwhelming… actually you do not have to visit any spa. A few hours of walking along the shores of secluded islands, following the tree-lined paths along the streams truly relaxes the body and the spirit.

Indeed especially for tourist visiting vibrant and bustling Buenos Aires a day trip to Tigre may be a real blessing.

It simply brings you to the totally different world where everything suddenly slows down, where nature still dominates the landscape, a heaven to re-charge the batteries before jumping back to the city life.

Start the Delta Tigre tour by selecting: Trip to Delta Tigre

Another place sure to calm your body and mind is Colonia del Sacramento – a small town located in Uruguay across the Rio de la Plata. A one-hour trip by speedboat from Puerto Madero takes you few centuries back to an old Portuguese town where the time seems to have stopped.

Everything here runs at much slower pace, and the streets, buildings and the very atmosphere are immediately reminiscent of the distant past.
To start the tour of the Colonia Antigua, please select the following link:
Colonia del Sacramento

Cafe Tortoni and its legendary guests: From the left - Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Gardel and Alfonsina Storni.

Well, your tour of Buenos Aires wouldn't be complete without stopping at famous Cafe Tortoni. You can sense there the ambiance of the old good times, feel vibes of Gardel's unforgettable tangos and actually watch tango performance...

Stop at: --> Cafe Tortoni

Note - this page is under construction. More tours will follow. Thanks for understanding.
Here are some that will be posted soon.

Palermo - a bustling city in the heart of Buenos Aires. On the picture - The Art Gallery.

Palermo is a bustling neighborhood (barrio) of Buenos Aires and definitely place to be. It is know not only for its bars, fine restaurants and nightlife, but also for very elegant "high-end" shops, fashion designs, art galleries. In other words a mix of a bohemian lifestyle with an elegance of the 5th Avenue in NYC.

To make it even more "colorful" let me mention that Jorge Luis Borges and Che Guevara once lived in Palermo. That tells you all.

Surprisingly - it was only few years ago when the museum of Evita Peron opened in Buenos Aires.

There is no point to write about Evita as we all know many details from her life thanks to the movie Evita. We also all remember the beautiful song and lyrics of "Don't cry for me Argentina". But the museum dedicated to her is so touching that should not be missed. You can learn many facts from her so tragically short but meaningful life, listen to her recorded public speeches, see many of her personal items ..... . This is a place where we can reflect on our own lives....

Well, these are only the samples of tours that will be provided by the Buenos Aires Walking Tours site. 

I'm sure that these virtual tours offered by Buenos Aires Walking Tours will give you a lot of information to "chew".

I also hope that you will find some memorable pictures that will stay for long in your memory (and computers).

Hasta la vista amigos!

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