Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari invites to the wildlife sanctuaries hidden in the jungle and grasslands of the Chitwan National Park, roamed by Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, and wild elephants. Enjoy the canoe trip down the Rapti River infested with crock and an elephant-ride into the wilderness.

Chitwan Wild Safari:    Canoeing on the Rapti River.

Canoeing may be a great option for all those that would like to “touch” the jungle and feel its breath without directly immersing themselves into the thick and usually damp world of trees and an undergrowth made of shrubs and lush vegetation potentially hiding many, not necessarily pleasant surprises.

Understandably for most of us – city dwellers, just the idea alone is already scary enough.

From this point of view the canoe-safari on the waters of the Rapti River along the jungle seems to be a good compromise between the curiosity and the fear….. At least that’s what I thought.

Indeed in a comfort and safety of the dugout wooden canoe smoothly moving down the river the natures unfolds many of its secrets.

All along you witness the vibrant life – birds (to not forget – have your binoculars with you on this trip), monkeys playing their usual joyful games interrupted from time to time by wild sounds coming from the depths of apparently impenetrable jungle. In other words – a fairy-tale, at least till you spot the first motionless body of a huge mugger crock taking the sunbath on one of sand-bars.

Chitwan Wild Safari - rapti river

Chitwan Wild Safari: Wooden dugout canoes ready for the trip down the Rapti River

And then the first thing coming to your mind is that this seemingly lazy, sleepy creature can jump at the lightning speed if he/she decides to do so!

The next thought given their size easily achieving a length of up to 13-16 ft (4 to 5 m) is that they must be always hungry!

That was the moment when I realized that we do not have any life-jackets in our canoe. But then things became suddenly very clear – well, once in the water you will be devoured at leisure by these beasts regardless if you wear or not your life-jacket! So why bother?

Chitwan Wild Safari - rapti river mugger crocks

Chitwan Wild Safari: Mugger crock seems sleepy and lazy.... but as we well know, nothing is at it appears to be :-)....

Sorry, this is just the “Black Scenario”, I hope no one fainted (yet). To put things into right perspective – most likely it does not happen that often (if at all).

The river is quite shallow, and in such rare event probably everybody will yell and scream like crazy most likely discouraging any not “very-deeply-motivated” crock from having a lunch.

Frankly – from the safety point of view, the canoe-safari is probably still much better choice than the jungle walk. At least you do not have to run like crazy in zigzags to escape some angrily charging rhino…. Or lick your wounds from bloodsucking leeches hiding behind the leaves :-).

Well, please keep in mind that this is a true jungle-safari with all that comes with it. If you do not like it, you can still change your plans and visit a Disneyland.

Chitwan Wild Safari:    Elephant-Ride into the wilderness.

Elephant-ride Safari is another apparently safe way to “touch” and gasp the wilderness of the Chitwan National Park. Thankfully these giants gained lasting respect even from tigers (unlikely to meet during the tour) and rhinos (almost certain to see few on the way). The only inconvenience is a “bumpy” road ahead, but hey, you consciously left the highway to be in the jungle. And actually the bumpy road throughout the jungle may be still a smooth trip compared to driving on Nepalese roads.

Chitwan Wild Safari - elephant ride

Chitwan Wild Safari: From the top of this "fortress" you have quite different perspective, including a sense of safety. 

From the basket sitting at about 12 ft (3m) above the ground you have the whole new perspective on the world, and more precisely on the nearby jungle covered with dense layer of bush.

Indeed, from the top of this “moving fortress” the jungle seems to be the safest place ever. The only real danger comes from frequently springing back branches as the elephant forges his path through the jungle.

The wild rhinos and trained elephants seem to be already well accustomed to their mutual presence and none seems to play the boss. That offers plenty of opportunities to get close to these magnificent creatures peacefully grazing on grass in one these little open areas surrounded by the jungle.

Chitwan Wild Safari - wild rhino

Chitwan Wild Safari: The wild rhino seems to be indifferent ignoring our elephant and a bunch of guys sitting on the top.

Rhinos are highly unpredictable animals, and their very poor eyesight is more than compensated by an incredibly sensitive sense of smell and hearing able to detect any “foreign” body from farther than you may think.

Under normal circumstances a rhino will not charge an elephant unless threatened, provoked or protecting the baby. But I’m sure that “drivers” (mahouts) know the invisible limits and can sense the potential danger.

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

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Chitwan Wild Safari: Water safari on the Rapti River separating the Chitwan National Park from the Buffer Zone.

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

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Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

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Chitwan Wild Safari: After leaving the "Embarkment Platform" (left) on the way to the wild sanctuary we cross the Rapti River and "walk" through the jungle (center and right). Actually our elephant is walking, we are just sitting and watching....

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

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Chitwan Wild Safari: Meeting the rhino ! :-)

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

Chitwan Wild Safari

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Chitwan Wild Safari: That is why you do not walk through the jungle. Only on board of an "all-terrain" and "all-weather" vehicle (means Elephant) it is possible to penetrate wild secrets of the Chitwan National Park.

The ride is truly exciting. The elephant almost effortlessly moves through the swampy and otherwise inaccessible terrain, carefully avoiding huge trees, but mercilessly crashing under his weight under bush plants.

There is something mystical hanging in the air, silence interrupted by sounds of broken branches, sudden screams of an invisible monkey hiding somewhere up in the canopy, birds giving signs of an early afternoon life….

It’s a wild nature at its best. Any spoken word from co-travelers sounds like a dissonance, spoiling this truly mysterious ambiance.

During the ride the elephants twice cross the Rapti River, steadily plowing the muddy waters. Hard to believe that such heavy cavalcade can escape from the watchful eyes of crocks silently circling the waters, but I bet, they do not dare to get even close.

The tour ends after about two hours ride, and although it feels like the ride took only few tens of minutes, it leaves everybody with unforgettable memories lasting forever. Well, it was a sort of Magical Mystery Tour…..

After this I believe exciting wild safari tour you may like to get some rest. Here is the link to the Green Mansion Resort located in a beautiful blooming garden, not far from the park: Chitwan Green Mansion Resort

However, if you prefer to visit the nearby Tharu village or the Elephant Breeding Center please select one of the following links:
Chitwan Tharu Village
Chitwan National Park

If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)

Chitwan Wild Safari: If you still need higher level of adrenaline, then this charging rhino may help you to achieve this goal :-)!

Chitwan Wild Safari: Evening on the waters of the East Rapti River offers the beautiful beautiful sunset...

Chitwan Wild Safari: Let's live it once again - Elephant ride across the jungle in the Chitwan National Park - Nepal

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