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Restaurant Café Wierzynek is a cozy place for a coffee, drinks and Polish food in the royal-like medieval settings of the old town in Krakow - Poland.....

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Cracow's Cafe-Restaurant Wierzynek:   Time for the dinner! 

      Obviously people come to Wierzynek not only for its beautiful interior and legendary ambiance.

These prestigious and noble settings create an atmosphere you would like to feel during the candle-light dinner with your “Queen”.

And certainly they raise your expectations for equally extraordinary cuisine and professional service.

But I guess, like overwhelming majority of restaurant’s visitors you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Wierzynek menu is a well-balanced mix of traditional Polish upper-class dishes with culinary trends from all over the world.

It reflects a combination of the traditional culinary art and modernity. The restaurant’s Chef claims to follow an advice from the famous book “La Physiologie du Goût" ("The Physiology of Taste") by French gastronome Jean Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826) which states:

The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity, than the discovery of a new star.

And it seems that he means it!

Wierzynek: Warm and friendly Welcome! 

     Game dishes (roasted duck with apples, rabbit and compositions of wild boar, deer, quail …. ) are restaurant’s “specialités de la maison”. You may also try other specialities like for example - home-made Pate served with marinated wild mushrooms and cranberries, or veal shank with Polish potato-dumplings and beetroots, or “deliciously-dramatic” pike-perch flamed in mead honey wine and served with pear flakes in sour cream sauce.

But you will also find more familiar meals with lamb, goose, pork and veal, selection of fish (trout, sturgeon…) and as a kind of “deviation” from what was "on the table” at the Medieval Feast - some vegetarian compositions. The main courses “arrive” under silver domed dish servers opened in unison at the table adding an extra touch of nobleness to the already aristocratic feast.

It's quite rare that Chef will let you see the the kitchen from the "inside" - here is the opportunity, by selecting the link Secrets from behind the kitchen walls... 

Mezzanine offers the privacy of a little place... 

    The restaurant Wierzynek also organizes banquets and business meeting for larger groups of guests. In fact thanks to the privacy of rooms it is a great place for parties to celebrate with family and friends some anniversaries, weddings… etc.

Thanks to great acoustics the cellars are often used for musical performances (jazz and contemporary music). But this is not the only place where you may encounter with the music in Wierzynek. 

Wierzynek: Great concerts are part of the feast (in this case for the soul)

    Throughout the year (usually from April to December) you can discover a “poetry of music”, romanticism and bravery of Polish souls expressed in waltzes, nocturnes, mazurkas and polonaises composed by Fryderyk Chopin. The piano concerts are held in Wierzynek’s Renaissance Room.

Wierzynek:   A place luring with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. 

       Cafe Wierzynek is located at the entrance level of the Kamienica Pinocińska. Its three charming rooms are decorated and furnished in clear contrast to the centuries old surroundings so characteristic of Wierzynek. Historical walls and vaulted ceilings housing flowery tables, cozy sofas and chase-longues covered with warm fabrics, fireplace, friendly in their simplicity chandeliers and colorful frescos create a soothing elegance. Thanks to this approach the Café offers outstanding Wierzynek’s cuisine in a comfort of an easy-going, casual atmosphere….

Café Wierzynek offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend’s branch from the same hands as the restaurant Wierzynek. The menu however offers selection of mostly “lighter” meals and salads. 

Cafe's charming rooms are decorated and furnished in clear contrast to the centuries old surroundings so characteristic of Wierzynek

    But first of all Café Wierzynek it is a place welcoming you with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Indeed it is a dream place for an espresso with one of delicious dessert choices. The pleasure of drinking coffee may take longer than you think as desserts look like a pieces of art, so you may keep looking at it for a while before deciding to sink your teeth into it). You will also find here generous selection of teas and fruits’ cocktails, delicious ice creams…. 

Wierzynek: Cellars can also offer a romantic place....

      Café Wierzynek is also a great place for drinks. You can chose from an impressive list of alcoholic beverages (some “home-made” especially for Wierzynek).

     It may be worth to mention such possibly little known “goodies” like various fruits-based tinctures, meads, “slivovitz” (plum-vodka), Żubrówka (Bison-grass vodka), Krupnik (Honey & Herbs vodka), Żołądkówka (can be translated as “Bitter-Stomach vodka), Goldwasser (herbal vodka with strong flavor of anise and pepper and suspended in it small flakes of 23 karat gold). All these alcohols are famed for their centuries’ old recipes and traditions (not only of making but also of drinking)!

Wierzynek: Medieval Krakow - the Royal Castle Wawel dominates the city from the small hill on the banks of the Vistula River. 

    Fruits tinctures are characterized by deep colors and rich aroma, but be careful, they can be deceitfully strong! Żołądkówka with its unique herbal aroma and bitter taste usually is considered as having some “healing” powers for all kinds of stomach indigestion problems (good excuse for drinking!). Personally I do not expect anybody to have to deal with such problems in the café or restaurant Wierzynek.

Once you decide to give a shot at it while being in Krakow, any place will be good including “Her Majesty” Wierzynek.

Garden provides a nice "extension" of the restaurant Wierzynek into the bustling Main Market Square....

    Goldwasser is a brand name of one of the world’s oldest liqueurs originated in 16th century Gdansk (Big harbor city in the northern Poland). For most of us the practice of turning wheat or potatoes into vodka has an appearance of a “golden mine” (and indeed it is), but turning the gold into vodka seems to be far from that category of business. I do not have reliable explications throwing light into the origins of this liqueur. Perhaps it symbolizes the period of the Golden Age, experienced by the Kingdom of Poland throughout the 16th century? Or may be the golden flakes were intended to create a psychological (and price) barrier making it looking like a “godly” patrician drink absent from the tables of commons…. Who knows….

Wierzynek:   Gallery of Pictures 

Wierzynek (above and below): The underground world of Gothic cellars offers the touch of the Middle-Ages bringing you much closer to the settings of the memorable royal feast in 1364

Wierzynek (below): Historical walls and vaulted ceilings housing flowery tables, cozy sofas and chase-longues covered with warm fabrics, fireplace, friendly in their simplicity chandeliers and colorful frescos create a soothing elegance.

Above and below: Cafe also offers "little corners" - excellent places for an intimate "tete-a-tete".

Samples of the "Sweet Art"...:-)

Wierzynek:   Souvenir Shop 

      You cannot miss it - located at the restaurant’s entrance it presents an exclusive offer of alcohols and chocolate pralines.

Most of them are especially made for Wierzynek, some according to Wierzynek’s own proprietary recipes.

These elegant souvenirs may help to memorize your visit to this famous place by taking with you a bit of old traditions, recipes, flavors and tastes in a form of hand-crafted (culinary) art.

 Souvenir Shop located at the restaurant’s entrance presents an exclusive offer of alcohols and chocolate pralines... 

Upper levels: one of banquet rooms

Maestro Jean Brillat-Savarin also used to say:

The Creator, when he obliges man to eat, invites him to do so by appetite, and rewards him by pleasure.

I’m sure that visiting Wierzynek you will experience all – the Medieval ambiance of cellars, spirit of the Renaissance in the upper level rooms or stylish yet relaxing extravaganza of cafeteria’s settings and yes, you got it – a lot of “rewarding pleasures”!

Bon Appétit

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