Dominica Nature Hikes

Dominica Nature Hikes takes you down the dangerously steep cliffs to the idyllic Secret Beach pounded by stunning Ravine Cyrique Waterfall and washed by Atlantic Ocean’s waves.

Dominica Nature Hikes:   Secret Beach

     This is one of these remote places for braves having good health insurance back home with valid extension for traveling abroad.

The beach itself is not very different from many other black, volcanic ones you will find on the island of Dominica.

What makes it special are - the hiking trail (if it can be called this way) and the stunning waterfall shooting the large amount of water from the nature-made “pipe” opening in the middle of the cliff. Apparently the water is coming from the Riviere Cyrique.

It breaks through the face of the Ravine Cyrique cliff pounding the beach from about 130 ft (40m) to join in the final act of its life the Atlantic Ocean.

Dominica Nature Hikes - Secret Beach

This is the hiking path (if you did not know :-)
Note: Keep your insurance in the pocket!

The initially well defined path with steps leads to the edge of the steep cliff dropping few hundred feet down. From there you are at the merci of a web of trees’ roots or hanging wines (the latter may be questionable as a support).

In some more “dangerous” sections the descent is assisted by ropes and something resembling a rope-ladder. The best you can do is to keep your blood “cold”, the worst – to close your eyes (it may last forever).

Dominica Nature Hikes - Secret Beach

This is the "Reward"

You go up the same way. The good news is - usually it is easier to climb than to descent.

Dropping off the cliff is not an option as it will be rather a deadly experience. But hey, if you are the “seasoned” trekker, most likely you can do it (although do not keep me responsible for your eventual misfortune – if you decide to go for it, it must be entirely your decision!).

Dominica Nature Hikes - Secret Beach

 This is your lunch in the case you did not take with you any snack. It is fresh and organic :-)

       Once you are on the beach – it is all yours (believe or not, no crowds :-) ). Beach, as most of Dominica’s shores is black-volcanic but the ocean waters are amazingly blue and clean. It makes it the great and idyllically scenic hideout with contrasting colors of the beach, ocean and lush vegetation hanging from the cliffs….

As the bonus you may get an organic snack cut from one of palm trees by your guide (requires tree climbing skills and good knife). 

Dominica Nature Hikes - Secret Beach

And this paradise is all yours... No crowds of tourists is guaranteed (or money back :-),
Ha! Ha!) May be someone will promote this adventure this way?

Dominica Nature Hikes

Dominica Nature Hikes

Dominica Nature Hikes

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Dominica Nature Hikes

Dominica Nature Hikes

Dominica Nature Hikes

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 Despite few pieces of trash brought by the sea, the Secret Beach is one of these few places where the nature was still able to preserve her virginity..... .

If you decide to go for this adventure, reserve some time to stay there and appreciate the beauty of the unspoiled nature.

It will be you and sounds of pounding water and crashing ocean’s waves……

It’s almost spiritual …..

Please make sure that you do not change this ambiance by leaving any trash.

If by chance you have the fear of going back up the cliff, do not "leave" it here as well. The beach is open only to "Good Spirits". Certainly in days ahead few more adventurous people would like to live the heavenly experience of the Secret Beach....Do not spoil their pleasure :-)

Before you start the next adventure, please watch this short video from the Secret Beach.

If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)

Falling in love with Dominica? I do not blame you, it happens to almost everybody visiting this "Nature Island" hidden on the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. So relax, forget your headaches back home and explore :-):

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