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Birds from all over the world...

These few bird pictures are from Costa Rica – as most of you know, the country where the preservation of nature is one of the top priorities.

      Abundance of wildlife can be seen effortlessly whenever you put your eyes....

Below left: cormorants - pictures are taken during the cruise on the Rio Frio which runs through the Caño Negro wildlife refuge.

It's a paradise for bird-watchers as it is a home to many migratory birds found nowhere else in Costa Rica.

cormorant picture

cormorant picture


 Wilderness of Costa Rica.

Below left: Along the waters of Caño Palma wildlife reserve in Tortuguero Park.


bird picture


On the right - Early evening breeze in Costa Rica’s beautiful Pacific Coast: Guanacaste resort

duck picture

duck picture

duck picture

 Left - On the banks of the Danube river.
Right - "Coexistence" - full of pride swan and humble ducks....

These scenes I called – “Duck’s day-care”. I spotted them taking this afternoon sunbath on the banks of the Danube river. Surprisingly this day-care was very much "disciplined" – nothing similar to our day-cares.

You can see them all peacefully sitting under the watchful eye of the boss, no one is running, fighting, arguing … .I was watching them for a while just out of curiosity asking myself how long this order will last?

And I left convinced that the animal world solved many problems better way then we do as it can be witnessed by these free duck pictures.

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