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Not only birds pictures but also some strange stories related to them…..

     I’m not sure that these were just lost or accidentally dropped seeds that fish was waiting for, or a "genuine" and/or ducks’ "conscious charitable activity".

    Whatever it was - as you can see on this ducks picture - fish was greatly benefiting….

On the left below: Do you see the piece of muffin on the right side of the picture? Here is the story:

It was a sunny afternoon in Honolulu. I was sitting in one of street cafés with a delicious muffin in my hand. Then suddenly, like a lightning from the blue sky this courageous (but shameless from my point of view) bird flew over and left me with only "leftover" in my hand….

The rest is a history memorized on this free bird picture.

duck picture

duck  picture

duck  picture

 Mandarin ducks in their rainbow-like spectrum of colors.

These free birds pictures show you beautifully colored mandarin ducks. I also captured a fish feeding process by ducks (on the right).

bird picture

bird picture

Hawaiian adventure or meeting with the bird :-)

On the right – Hawaiian nature (this days it is difficult to say what is native and what not).

bird picture

bird picture

bird picture

The bird on the two left pictures lives (and flies) in Montreal area.

pigeon picture

pigeon picture

pigeon picture

 I was so surprised seeing these beautiful pigeons. I have to admit that I had the completely wrong "picture" of pigeons based only on these seen in the city. Once again - our perceptions can be so far from the reality....

These free bird pictures may surprise you! The left one is a very familiar to every city-dweller: a pigeon (what’s the big deal one may say).

Well, it is here to prove the diversity of pigeon family. On the right both free birds pictures show the largest and most handsome family members - Victoria crowned pigeons.

The striking contrast of red eyes with blue feathers and a spectacular adornment of its white-tipped crest make them the real beauties and certainly will make the objects of envy of our city pigeons (if they only knew).

Unfortunately that also makes them a dream of every hunter.

In the past they inhabited isles of New Guinea (Yapen islands), these days however due to the excessive hunting and shrinking natural habitat they are considered as endangered species.

Please enjoy these free pigeons photos – all from Tenerife’s Loro Parque (Canary Islands)
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