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These pictures show birds from many corners of the world

    I'm sure that you will agree- these birds look very respectful and dignified – even when only on the pictures. And that was a human perception through millennia – always associating their presence as a true blessing.

People were trying to lure them to nest on their roof by attaching a wooden wheel, or something that makes a good base for the nest.

There was a kind of competition between villagers, because storks were seen as a sign of luck and prosperity. Certainly you did not hear of stork hunting - due to the widespread belief that this will be a Crime.

For long we used them as an answer to the "inconvenient" young child’s questions "where did I come from". "The stork brought you to our home" was the right answer. Needless to say, that these days we have more understanding from kids when we say: "You came from the computer".

Regardless the changes to popular beliefs, storks still enjoy our admiration and respect. I hope that looking at these free stork photos you will agree that these are well deserved feelings.

 stork picture

stork picture

stork picture

Storks seem to always have an unusual human respect and "welcome home" greetings.

swan picture

swan picture

swan picture

swan pictures

 It is not a surprise that swans were an inspiration to Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan Lake”.

      Regardless the opinions on that matter, we may all admit when looking at these free swans pictures, that despite their “robust” size, they exemplify a kind of “lightness” and agility which together with an indisputable beauty characterizes famous ballerinas.

May be swan pictures cannot perfectly "emanate" the smoothness of movements so admired in ballet performance, but with a little bit of imagination I guess we can have also that feeling.



spoonbill picture

On the left - Flamingos, on the right - Spoonbill picture - a close relative to storks and flamingos.

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