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Rainbow of colors, variety of shapes – and all that on free butterfly pictures!

When looking at these free butterfly pictures - doesn’t it feel like being somewhere in the Amazonian jungle?

What a fabulous and vibrating spectrum of colors - one may say looking at these free butterfly pictures!

Wow! So is the butterfly’s life a fairy-tale like experience of living a paradise on Earth one may ask?

Unfortunately as we well know from our own experiences - in most cases life on pictures has nothing to do with the real life (unless we are "walking in the clouds").

So let me point out few facts about butterflies for all of us that till today have been seeing these little flying fairies through the prism of Everlasting Beauty in the Gardens of Eden.

But before we go to the facts, please enjoy these butterfly pictures with an obvious advantage over the living butterflies in nature: They are still! You can spend as much time in the state of admiration as you want :-).

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

Danaus plexippus
Monarch butterfly
Danaus plexippus
Monarch butterfly
Morpho peleides

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

Greta oto Morpho peleides
beautiful blue color can be seen at the edge of the wings
Heliconius charitonius

So beautiful but sadly queens of only few weeks in their short life-span. 

Butterfly starts its life as a little egg, usually attached to the leaf. Few weeks later the hatching may take place and the next dangerous and not so "glorious" part of butterfly’s life starts – that of a caterpillar. Not glorious, because who would see the potential for future "beauty" in these otherwise "unappealing" larvae? 

Caterpillars spend most of their time doing just one thing – searching for food and eating, eating and eating. I would say - no wonder, they certainly want to achieve the stage of magnificence as soon as possible so logically they spare no time to achieve that goal. But seriously, it takes them the next stage of transformation called pupae (or chrysalis) to finally emerge as an adult – a fragile Flying Flower.

We would expect that after so laborious way up the ladder of life, the time comes to enjoy the fruits of hardship and benefit from beauty so generously offered by the Mother Nature.

 Once again mistake, the average life span of butterfly is just few weeks. The female butterfly mates only once in her short life! …… and that is the end of the life cycle. The next starts with eggs….

That reminded me a saying - "salmon life". 

It expresses the adversity of life, which at the end consists of an enormous effort of swimming against the current up the river, "climbing" dams, jumping over the stones just to find a death! Well, doesn’t "butterfly life" sound similar? 

After all these complex transformations from one form of life to another one, all efforts to stay alive - shouldn’t be a time for well deserved joy of living? Or may be this joyfulness is reserved only for us, a deep pleasure to admire them on butterfly pictures. 

And the good news is that these are free butterfly pictures so you can keep them with you forever.

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

Dryadula paethusa

Rainbow of colors, multitude of patterns...

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