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Vibrant colors, variety of shapes – all that available with free butterfly pictures!

Pickup some from this collection of butterfly photos for your desktop, documents or just for pure pleasure of having it!


      Butterflies are one of rare example of insects that we humans actually admire.

Usually most insects are considered as pests or in the best as annoyance despite their very important role in the food chain or pollination process. Quite often I’m asking myself what for are mosquitoes or black flies and here the list could go very long….

But then I quickly realize that this is our biased, human egocentric perception. We very unilaterally decide what is good (for us) and what not without considering what Mother Nature has to say on that subject.

Anyway – I have to admit honestly that despite of that understanding I will not cry too much for not seeing mosquitoes around.

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

Danaus plexippus
(Monarch Butterfly)

 No shortage of colors, shapes and patterns....

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

Heliconius charitonius

Sometimes you will ask yourself - is that a butterfly or a flower?

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

butterfly picture

Parides photinus

These look like the "queens of darkness" - a bit scary...

     Butterflies certainly are on the opposite side of the spectrum of our feelings – they bring to our lives all that we enjoy, cherish – grace of movements, richness of colors and patterns…. They are like flying flowers, like personifications of fairies from our sweet dreams, like them suddenly showing up in front of our eyes and then quickly vanishing in the darkness of the night (here on these Free Butterfly Pictures they will stay with you forever!).

The sad part of our approach to insects is that we do not even have too much “sympathy” for the early stage of life of future butterflies. Did you ever see someone making these “Oh! and Ah! sounds of enjoyment when seeing caterpillars? Will our face shine as when we see a butterfly? Frankly – I did not have such experience…

BTW – it come to my mind that there is something very optimistic and dignifying in the butterflies’ cycle of life. They start from the “ugly” looking form of life to become the uncontested beauty queens at the end of their life-span! Isn’t that an amazing process vindicating “difficulties” from the early life for the sake of future gratification? Well, well, if only butterflies were aware of that process…. But can we learn something from that?

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