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Can there be something cuter than these cats from free cat pictures?

Take any kitten from these pictures – it is yours for as long as you want, provided you "love" her/him!

Cats have a special place in our lives – we adore them for thousands and more reasons including the most important one: they are adorable.  

Although originally these small carnivores were domesticated as formidable predators of rodents, these days they rather play a role of “soft and gentle additions” to our otherwise nature deprived lives as city-dwellers.

Frankly cats unlike dogs were never fully domesticated –we know that they have their own ways, their own paths….

However what makes them so special for us humans is their social behavior. In fact their communication skills they use to express their “mood” (or what we may call “state of mind”) are surprisingly rich.

cat picture

cat picture

cat picture

On the left - family breakfast.

cat picture

cat picture

cat picture

 In the middle - "Curiosity".

cat picture

cat picture

cat picture

From the top of the roof world looks safer! 

      Starting with what we especially love – their body language mastered so well, as we know can melt the hardest hearts.

The vocal language like meowing, purring, growling, hissing – to make it short, is a part of their large arsenal of vocal communication means.

But despite all these amazing social skills, cats are still quite unpredictable in their behavior. It seems like deeply inside, they are still very much “wildcats”.

With all my respect I will take the liberty to quote here the thought I found funny but to some extend expressing the difference between cats and dogs (ha, ha, ha)…

Women and cats will do as they please
Men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

Sorry, author unknown to me :-(

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