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Can you really pass-by without having a long look at these cats?

     They made my day, now it is your chance to spend some time with them thanks to the following photos :-).

I remember this like it was yesterday – one of these late spring days sitting with my wife in an open-air restaurant for a lunch.

We sat next to the big tree enjoying the blessing effects of its shade, unsuspecting any extra companions to our table. Then, possibly as the result of the “rich in ingredients” smell emanating from our meals - these cute creatures, one by one suddenly emerged from nowhere.

Well, I have to say that our lunch unexpectedly took us hours as we couldn’t take off our eyes from these babies. Fortunately I had with me the photo-camera, so you can follow our experience from that day. Aren’t they so lovely in every situation captured in these free cats' photos?

cat picture cat picture
let's see what is happening
on the right side...
then on the left....
cat picture cat picture
....OK, it is safe

Curiosity and fear... what is stronger?

cat picture

cat picture

In the middle - An afternoon nap in the "safety" of "small brother" watching!
On the right: Enjoyment time!

cat picture

cat picture

 I have to admit that these cats raise a big smile on my face :-).

      And if you leave this page without a big smile on your face then.... then it means you have to come back here tomorrow and have one more look at these kittens.

Be it first exploring dangers of outside (to the tree) world, first right and then left?

And then later innocent games, but still in the close proximity of the safety provided by the hole in the trunk.

What about the "afternoon nap" captured on these cat pictures? Isn’t that wonderful seeing one baby having a peaceful nap possibly dreaming about a little mouse, and the second one staying “on guard” watching for any potential danger?

Look at these free cat pictures and let your imagination work – I guess that is the best way to share my feelings from this event. I’m sure you will be overwhelmed with a sudden warmness in your heart and big smiles on your faces.

May be these free cat pictures will also give you an idea of how to chose your next restaurant for a lunch or dinner? Bonne appetit!

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If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)

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