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Cerro Campanario offers you one of the top ten best panoramic views in the world – lakes, and mountains of the National Park Nahuel Huapi near San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina.

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 Circuito Chico (Small Circuit)

    With its only 1050 m above sea level, the Cerro Campanario is one of the “modestly” looking mountains in the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

 Cone-shaped and black - thanks to the dense forest covering it up to the top it is one of these mountains that do not catch visitors’ attention, especially in the landscape of high nearby mountains towering the horizon.

Well, Cerro Campanario once again proves that it is not only about being the biggest or tallest, but it is also about location…..

  Cerro Campanario - from the top of the mountain opens the stunning view on the surrounding landscape of intertwined water and land 

    According to the National Geographic survey, the panoramic view from the Cerro Campagnario in the Bariloche lakes district is on the list of ten best scenic views in the world.

And the truth is – it deserves this high position despite its humble look.... 

Map of the Bariloche lake district showing the itinerary of the Small Circuit.

Chair-lift takes you to the top of the hill...

On the way to the top you will see exotic plants: here caña colihue (Colihue cane).


The visit to the Cerro Campanario is a part of the so-called Bariloche’s “Circuito Chico” (Small Circuit), a 60 km long trail along the Lake Nahuel Huapi.

    It starts with the trip to the top of Cerro Campanario, then continues through the narrow bridge separating the Moreno Lake to its east and west branches to reach the Punto Panoramico (Panoramic Point). This natural “balcony” offers a magnificent view of Moreno Lake and LLao-Llao Peninsula. Farther the tour crosses the bridge separating the Moreno Lake from the Nahuel Huapi one following the shoreline of El Trebol Lagoon to reach the Llao-Llao Peninsula with its famous namesake hilltop hotel ($$$$!).

Finally, on the top of the hill, you face jaw-dropping views

View on the Moreno and Nahuel Huapi Lakes separated by Llao-Llao Peninsula.

        The tour continues through the San Pedro Peninsula passing by the Panuelo Port (embarkation point for lake excursions) then takes back the Avenida Bustillo to end in Bariloche.

You can visit Cerro Campanario on your own by taking the public bus from the center of the city. The entrance to the chair-lift is located on the Avenida Bustillo at 17.5 km.

The road is nicknamed “Los Kilometros” – because local people reference specific points along the road by the distance from the center of the city (for example our tour guide claimed to live at 22nd kilometer).

 Beautiful flowers on the way up help to cool "emotions" from what waits for us on the top.....

View on the Victoria Island (Isla Victoria).

View on Bella Vista & Goyes Mountains - both about 1,550 meters (5,100 ft) above sea level.

Lago Moreno and the massif of Cerro Manolo.

Far on the horizon snow-capped Andean Mountains with the towering Saihueque Peak (2193m)

Cerro Campanario:  Iron cross on the top of the hill commemorating the first mass celebrated here on February 2, 1930, by Monsignor De Andrea.


The chair-lift takes you in about 7 minutes to the top of the Cerro Campanario at the cost of 40 AR pesos for the round trip (January 2011). Going up you should focus on what is unfolding in front of you and frankly, there is a lot to see as park administrators carefully designed this area.

Several exotic trees and bushes are planted along the chair-lift path with descriptions allowing you to identify these species.

But this is not the main reason to not look back from the chair-lift. It is rather a wish to not “spoil” the stunning views waiting for you once you reach the top of the mountain.

It will be a fascinating 360 degrees panorama of lakes of different colors – some dark emerald, some of the different shades of blue, others, like mirrors covered by shinning layers of silver thanks to sunlight reflections. 

Whenever you look, breathtaking views!

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