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These pictures may not show you dogs with a known genealogical tree, they may not look like celebrities, but certainly they are very friendly.

    We all knew that dogs have a “social intelligence” uncommon to other animals. They can learn by training (what may be not surprising) but also by their own observations.

No wonder that among all domesticated animals, dogs are the only ones deserving an honorable position of “Family Friend”.

You certainly realized that dogs can express their own emotions or mimic ours using their own communication skills - body language, facial and eyes expressions and of course vocal language.

We know very well when they are happy what usually is quite obvious – no end to jumping, licking… But also it is enough for us to look into their eyes to see the sadness.

Yes, I like these charming pets – even though sometimes you do not even know where is their head and where the tail. But to me they are kind of “living toys” rather, they can make us smile, relax, forget about yesterday’s stressful work and tomorrow’s important meeting (at least for a moment).

dog picture

dog picture

dog picture

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Can you have more devoted friends?

free dogs pictures

free dogs pictures

free dogs pictures

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On the right - Friend of my friend - Hector.

      We can easily carry them in a pocket, but with all my respect - this is pretty much all. They are like kids – unaware of their existence and ready to play. And it is not surprise because they were deliberately “created” by the targeted breeding to fit our needs, and honestly, quite often we are also like kids, well – the Big Kids.

What you cannot expect from them is the companionship, friendship, and what I personally think – ability to “be aware” of our feelings.

Big dogs (if I can call them this way) inherited most they could from their wild ancestors – wolves, on top of being socially shaped by long cohabitation with humans.

I remember I was shocked watching the BBC’s series “Planet Earth” seeing the hunting by a large pack of wolfs. They were pursuing a large animal, seemingly in a disorganized “all-attack” approach.

Then suddenly to my total surprise wolves like a well trained soldiers in an organized effort split in two groups to encircle the prey from left and right. The rest is a history, like many others finishing the same way – but just this moment is still very fresh in my memory. How did they learn this sophisticated hunter's strategy?

Talking about dogs in movies – did you watch the “Eight below”? This tears squeezing story of the fight for survival, compassion, leadership and “friendship” in the dimensions of the huskies’ world in the unimaginably harsh conditions of Antarctica is amazing, but obviously not true.

However despite the fact that the scenario is unrealistic, the movie is not a kind of one more “fairy-tale” story. I believe that huskies’ “heroic” behavior was actually close to their abilities and skills. BTW - can you ever imagine any other animal in such situation?

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