Eagles and Vultures
Might and raw Beauty

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Eagles and Vultures - all carrying their incredible might and beauty together with a stunning elegance

Vultures - as beautiful as they are they do not evoke in us the same emotions as eagles.

     Size, strength are still their main attributes although in general they do not have the power of eagles.

The fact that they are scavenging birds feeding mostly on dead and decaying animals has a strong negative psychological impact on us.

This is especially true when it comes to feeding on dead human bodies either on battlefields or in “Towers of Silence” where human remains are being following the Parsi funeral traditions.

However if we look at it from the perspective that someone has to “clean the house” we may agree that they play a very important role in the Nature.

No surprise that vultures are found in almost every corner of the world (with exception of Antarctica).

vulture picture

vulture picture

vulture picture

Above and below:  Griffon vultures

vulture picture

vulture picture

vulture picture

vulture picture

vulture picture

vulture picture

 Rueppell's griffon vultures 

     Recent studies proved that despite many physical similarities the “Old World Vultures” inhabiting the vast areas of Euro-Asia and Africa are genetically quite distant from the “New World Vultures” to which belong their North and South American cousins like for example Californian and Andean Condors, King Vulture, Turkey Vulture…

Surprisingly the American vultures are genetically closer to storks then to the Old World Vultures. Only adaptation to the similar conditions of life (so called co-evolution) shaped their morphology and behavior comparable to the Old World Vultures. The biggest difference between these two families of vultures is the sense of smell.

The Old World Vultures use their excellent sight for spotting the “meal” while their New World cousins relay heavily on both – the sight and on very well developed sense of smell – thanks to which they can discover a dead-meat from far away.

     Vultures’ stomachs are able to safely digest disease-carrying viruses and bacteria abundantly found in the decaying meat. They have bald (featherless) heads what prevents them from getting dirty when feeding on dead bodies.

And the most amazing ability – despite their considerable size thanks to their large wing span of more than 2 meters (up to 7 ft) they can seemingly effortlessly keep soaring for hours and hours.

Well, let’s be honest – thanks to these remarkable birds our landscapes are definitely looking much better and are much more safe for everybody.

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To finish on the positive note: We like them or not – nature and ultimately all of us greatly benefit from the cleaning duties performed by vultures. I hope that these pictures of Vultures will somehow change you opinion on these beautiful birds. 

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