El Teide Volcano Park

Explore in the comfort of your home the narrow roads of the Tenerife's El Teide National Park.

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El Teide National Park

     Soon after landing in Tenerife (Canary Islands) we started exploring the hidden and not so hidden treasures of the island.

El Teide, with its peak at 3,718 meters above the sea level (>11,200 feet) definitely belongs to the latter (in other words it can't hide from your view).

This massive volcanic cone proudly piercing high-flying clouds turns out to be the highest mountain not only on Canary Islands but on the whole Spanish soil! Standing at about 7,500 meters above the ocean floor (22,000 feet) it is considered the world’s third-tallest volcanic structure.

So with the full respect deserved by this “King of High-Flying Clouds”, we started climbing the sleeping giant in an easy and widely popular way – by the car. For those starting to laugh at this moment I hurry to say – well, no so quickly (although in general laughing is a good and healthy thing to do on a daily basis, there is also an old saying:

That one is laughing who is laughing the last”.

 Cone of the majestic El Teide.

Volcanic landscape all over around......

        Getting higher you will be able to admire the raw beauty of the Mother Nature: here an old caldera as a remainder of Hell's Gates that once upon the time breathed fire, and further beyond - calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean gently washing foothills of this Sleeping Giant......

Volcanic landscape - stunning vistas from the top on the large caldera and the island

    The ascent through the foothills of El Teide’s massif by car is not an easy task given narrow roads endlessly turning left and right, with tight bends and quite noticeable traffic of similar to us “car-hikers”.

Manual gear does not make it easier (I have to admit that I’m a “rotten-spoiled” automatic guy with the “manual gear” background from the “too remote” past).

Breathtaking views on the northern part of Tenerife from the upper cable station.

What the contrast: Road crossing this Moon-like landscape 

What makes it worse is the fact that at almost every second bend of the road truly breathtaking views instigate temptations – to stop right away and “glue” your eyes in a “secure way” on the opening in front of you scenic view.

      Somehow the “cold logic” that higher up there, views will be even better does not resonate with me. But maybe there is a reason for that, because sometimes it is just this moment, this position of the sunlight, and that cloud that makes it spectacular.

Well, this is like in an old Hitchcock’s movie scenario which starts with an earthquake and then tensions are continuously raising up.

At a height of about 2,000 m (>6,000 feet) the vegetation starts to give way to the characteristic moon-like landscape of volcanic lava forms. Vibrant colors of strange lava formations open imagination – actually not only mine, because as I quickly learned some “exotic” movies like “Planet of the Apes” or “Star Wars” were filmed right here.

 Incredible forms of lava - "Made by nature"

Meditating Pilgrim frozen in lava rock

Seems like the tip to the Jurassic Park....

     After a good “hour and something” of climbing the road, suddenly in front of us opens a gigantic collapsed caldera – witness to the prehistoric times.

The sharp, boundary-like rim ridges we just crossed, like the ancient defensive walls seem to watch over the kingdom of the jealous goddess of fire. From here, the majestic cone of El Teide seems to be at the touch of hand, but we well know that this is just an illusion so typical in the mountains. Fortunately taking advantage of this vast flat area, the new road leads straight as an arrow towards our goal.

Finally I can hear the engine’s “music” which when mixed with the sound of wind seems to be a symphony to my ears, something already forgotten during agonizing hours of climbing winding roads..... (continued on the next page)

 Majesty of El Teide seen from the road.  

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