El Teide Volcano Park
Picture of the Violent Past

El Teide Volcano Park - amazing picture of an impact of violent forces of nature softened in time by the same incredibly resourceful nature.

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El Teide National Park - (Tenerife): cont....
The view from the area of upper Cable Station revealed an amazing and seemingly lifeless landscape.

Omnipresent volcanic lava frozen in strange forms is a remarkable “material” for free- flying imagination.

Actually, without any special effort you will recognize a motionless “Kneeling Monk” or the Jurassic Park-like creatures waiting for their time to come….

I have to humbly admit that erosion guided by the skillful hands of nature is able to shape astonishing scenery – sometimes you would think unmatched by our own human creativity. It seems to me that we - human beings, despite our intellectual supremacy in the known to us “Living World” still have a lot to learn from the Mother Nature… (certainly first of all - The Patience).

Kneeling Monk next to his refuge

Surprisingly there were vast areas of light-colored sand in this otherwise kingdom of darkness where sand is usually black.

Don't be confused - the white "stuff" has nothing to do with snow, even if from far it may look like...

Well, our time in the El Teide National Park is coming to the end. The winding road is slowly taking us down from the “roof” of the Tenerife Island.

Slowly but surely, we are leaving behind desertic landscape of the south-eastern part of the Tenerife

      Driving in the North-West direction we are entering the totally different climate zone.

The rugged volcanic terrain of the enormous caldera towered by El Majesty Teide and surrounded by the strange formations of frozen lava, little by little transforms itself into deep ravines and slopes covered by the lush vegetation.

The white satin of suspended in the air fog gently covers the mountainous landscape adding the mystery to the anyhow “unknown” in front of us. But we do not take it as an annoyance but rather as a part of the warm "hospitality" offered by the Tenerife National Park. A kind of "see you later"......

Driving down the road towards the vanishing horizon's line. 

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