Beijing Giant Pandas

Still Pictures of pandas seem to represent their real life as they do not move that much!

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Beijing Giant Pandas

     Most of these free giant panda pictures were taken in Beijing zoo, at the source so to speak. Regardless of how much I previously read about pandas and how many times I saw them on TV screens, they always make me smile.

This is just because they are so cute not only in their shapes and colors, but also in their "genetically inherited laziness".

It takes long minutes to see them in any motion - for sure slow motion as probably no one ever saw a "running panda".

Nothing seems to distract them in their - I do not know – dreams, or kind of "indifference"?

They must be the only animals living stress-less lives (as far as I know). BTW – may be we can learn something from them?

It comes to my mind that actually these free panda pictures are the only right representation of pandas – still pictures represent exactly "still" life.

panda picture

panda picture

panda picture

You do not see them moving? Well, this is not due to the nature of the photo, it is real! Pandas can stay still for hours :-(

panda picture


panda picture

On the left - A family time...

wall of wishes

panda graphic art

Beijing Zoo -"Make a wish wall"

      Turns out that Beijing zoo build a special “Make a wish here” wall, made of 2008 pieces of painted pottery bricks carrying drawings of children from Beijing and from the Sichuan Province. As it is written there (I’m quoting):

"This wall demonstrates wishes to look forward to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, to fight the Sichuan quake disaster and to build up the harmonic and beautiful homeland".

In between bricks with beautiful graphic art I found some pandas, as no wonder, kids have very warm feelings about them. So here it is - a "frozen" image of child’s perception of the pandas' world…. I have to admit that with panda’s "sticking out" ears from the almost perfectly round head drawings seem to be a very easy task.

It is interesting to note that Giant Pandas (“Giant” is a relatively recent addition to distinguish these pandas from their remote cousins called (Red) Pandas for long were not known to the Western.

It all started at the end of 19th Century when French missionary received the giant panda’s skin, then at the beginning of 20th century the first panda cub was seen by the German zoologist.

Finally in 1936 the first panda cub named Su Lin was brought to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago followed few years later by few Giant Pandas that went to London’s Zoo.

     Interestingly, there is also not much about Giant Pandas in old Chinese writings.

The old texts mention giant pandas under several different names with the common root linking them to bears and cats.

It is believed that the names like “bear cat” or “large bear cat” were inspired by the Giant Panda’s pupils with vertical slits characteristic to cats’ family rather than bears which have round pupils.

Summarizing what you found on four pages of Free Giant Pandas Pictures - panda bears with their uniqueness are the “living fossils” from the very distant times.

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