Iguacu Falls - The Nature Wonder

Parque National Iguacu Falls reveals the stunning power and beauty of the nature hidden in the middle of the rain forest at the border of Brazil and Argentina.

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Iguacu Falls

       I’m taking a difficult, may be even impossible task – to bring to your house a deeply hidden in the rain forest of the Parque National Iguacu true Wonder of the Nature, a gem called shortly - Iguacu Falls.

 I would like to offer you a free “visual fiesta” in the comfort of your air-conditioned room. But I’m well aware that in some cases – and undoubtedly Iguazu Falls belongs to such category, it may be a fruitless effort.

Simply speaking - to really live an experience of the Iguassu Falls you need to “engage” all your senses. You have to hear the thundering sound of the water plunging 60 to 80 meters (200 to 260 ft) down from the cliffs. You have to drink from the clouds of tiny droplets sprayed over the cataracts quenching your excitement, you have to touch the mist rising above the canyon.

You have to feel shacking ground under the impact of tons of plunging water. You have to see the sparkling vivacity of water braids at each and every distinct moment.

Falls steal your heart and leave you with a sense of awe and serenity.

Eco-Train (Tren Ecologoco) runs every 25-30 minutes between the Central station and the Garganta del Diablo terminal.

Upstream waters are still pretty calm

Upper river does not seem to indicate the existence of nearby cataracts....

Metal catwalks (pasarelas) lead to the Devil's Throat observation platform.....

 ..... On the way they meander over the upper Iguazu River revealing the unspoiled beauty of the Parque National Iguacu. 

Getting close to the "Hell's Gates"

Finally the clouds of mist emerged above the river signalizing the presence of the waterfalls.

     Believe me, taking few shots of the same place you will quickly realize that each time the nature is different, that each moment captured on a photo is very unique, freezing “something” that will never be repeated in the future.

 It is not because with each passing second the new wave of water throws itself over the cliffs. It is different because the plummeting water changes forms with wind, with shades of sunlight, with time…..

It's just the nature with all its raw power.....

Note the presence of the hotel "hidden" in the forest (by law, all structures in the park must be "almost invisible" so you can admire undisturbed Mother Nature instead of concrete, paved roads, skyscrapers....

Devil's Throat (Garganta del Diablo)

At the "Edge of the Hell" (Devil's Throat)

Scenes seen from the top of the majestic Devil's Throat. You can only imagine what is hidden down in the gorge in clouds of mist....

Because it creates its own dynamics shaping the cascades by some unpredictable nature’s laws…..

Well, I tried the impossible on this site, because it is almost impossible to capture the "Living Nature" on still pictures... Nevertheless,  here is the result - on the following pages I tried to show the “uniqueness” of the nature in the Iguazu Falls National Park. I hope that after this voyage of discovery throughout almost 200 photos you will be able to develop strong emotional feelings about the Natural Wonder.

The next pages will bring hundreds of more photos but also the facts about the Iguazu Falls as well as description of all attractions, trails, tours etc...

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