Iguacu National Park
The Land of Waterfalls

Iguacu- this Land of Waterfalls in the middle of nowhere will steal your heart and leave you with a sense of awe and serenity.

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"Big Water" (Iguazu Falls).

     The name of Iguazu (Spanish) or Iguacu (Portuguese) Falls comes from the Guarani people – indigenous South Americans inhabiting provinces of Parana (Brazil), Misiones (Argentina) and Paraguay.

In their language Iguazu means “Big Water” and indeed it will be difficult to find the better name.

Although the falls were known already to the 16th century Spanish conquistadors, the final "accord" of their triumphant re-discovery to the Western World by Bossetti took place at the end of the 19th century (I know – it is hard to believe!).

Incredible power and beauty of the nature....

Just keep in mind - what you see on these pictures is just the small fraction of Iguazu Falls....

     The Iguazu waterfalls consist of up to 275 falls and cascades spread over the 2.7 km (1.7 miles) of cliffs. In the dry season due to the lower water flow in the upper Iguazu River the number of falls may be as low as 170. Strange enough - but it happened in the past that during severe droughts in the basin of the upper Iguazu River the falls totally dried out for several days.

The most impressive part of the falls – the Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo in Spanish) is a massive U-shaped 82 meters (270 ft) high curtain of water spread out over 700 meters (2300 ft) of cliffs. The gorge of the Devil’s Throat marks the border between Argentina and Brazil.

Additionally the Argentina side includes three large sections of equally striking falls including: Salto Escondido, Salto San Martin, Salto Mbigua , Salto Bernabe Mendez, Salto Adan y Eva, Salto Bossetti, Salto Dos Hermanos … to name only few.

Devil's Throat (Garganta del Diablo) seen from the observation platform on the Argentinean side.

Can you hear the roaring "thunderstorm" of falling water?

Devil's Throat - It will be difficult to find the better name

As you can see (or rather "feel")- below the Devil's Throat cliffs starts Inferno.... 

     If you will ask me for one short sentence describing the Iguazu Falls I would quote someone saying: This is a “Niagara on Viagra” (originally - a Niagara on Viagara ). That tells you all!

The bottom line is – by visiting the Iguacu National Park shown on these pictures - you won't be sorry... except when it's time to leave (it may be wise to bookmark this site so you can come here once again!).

        The most important truth about Iguazu waterfalls is that they are still pretty much “in the middle of nowhere” preserving the “virginity” of the nature.

     From any point along the circuits and trails what you see is ONLY the water (in all forms and states of the matter), rain forest with its abundant vegetation and wild inhabitants and well… hoards of tourists.

The park’s infrastructure – train stations, food area, visitor and commercial centers are either far from the waterfalls and/or built as “invisible” single level structures. The sad exception is the Sheraton Hotel seen from far over the waterfalls on the Brazilian side.

The bottom line is - if you can forget about the continuous streams of tourists, the Iguazu Falls National Park is clearly a kind “Nature and You” story.

This is a really a remarkable achievement given the fact that the Iguassu Falls are one of the most visited touristic attractions in South America. That is a true gift but as every gift it also obliges all of us…..

So many shots but every one is quite different, "freezing" in time just one specific moment.....

The U-shaped Devil's Throat is quite deep (270 feet)

      This is in huge contrast with the Niagara Falls commercialized beyond any imagination. Multistory hotels, huge commercial centers and omnipresent asphalt and concrete of endless parking areas in very close proximity of the Niagara Falls are brutally disturbing the harmony of the nature.

They deprive you from the deep “connection” with the nature you expect to experience in this otherwise magnificent place. Actually all these concrete surroundings made me feel that the Niagara Falls are a man-made project opened in the downtown of the bustling city…..

We are about to leave the Devil's Throat (Garganta del Diable) and explore other trails and adventures available for the visitors of the Iguazu Falls National Park.

I hope that you already found some fascinating scenes offered by the Free Iguazu National Park Pictures and after this introduction you are ready to move forward. Finally you are still at the beginning of the exploration tours in the Iguacu Falls National Park.

To continue the Iguazu Falls tour click:
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      However if at any time during this tour of the Iguacu Falls in pictures you got lost, or you got so excited and already started planing your trip to the Iguazu Falls National Park, you may click: Iguacu Falls Map and Info

hotels with infinity pools

Good news - if you are physically and emotionally tired after the day at Iguazu Falls National Park, then the best idea is to go to the hotel and have a good rest. You can do it by either clicking the picture on the left or the following link:
Iguazu Hotels with Infinity Pools

And do not forget to stop at Tropicana Birds Park on the Brazilian side of the Iguacu Falls by clicking: Parque das Aves

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