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Lake district: tourist-oriented maps and info where to go and what to do from Bariloche to San Martin de Los Andes in Argentinean Central Andes.

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Maps of the Nahuel Huapi National Park

     After visiting Bariloche I realized how little did I know before I visitted this magnificent lake district. But this time it was not about tours or hotels but rather good tourist-oriented maps that can give you a chance to be better prepared for the trip.

That is why I decided to share maps available from tourist agencies and government-sponsored information centers with the online community.

You will find here the map of the Nahuel Huapi and Lanin National Parks and in a larger sense the map of the whole Central Andes lakes district that extends from the Patagonian steppes to the Chilean Pacific coast.

Map of the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentinean province of Rio Negro - Patagonia.

You will find here also a lot of information about what to do, where to go, and what to expect once you decide to visit this unique area of Central Andes.

But even good maps and reviews may still not be enough to give you deep feelings about the area. That is why on the way throughout this page you will be prompted to take some virtual tours in pictures provided by this website. I’m sure, they will offer you unforgettable memories of the Argentinean Lake District where you will witness the unmatched creativeness and unspoiled beauty of Mother Nature.

I’m sure – at the end, you may have kind of “I’ve been there” impression….. And the best is – you will be able to take with you part of nature on free full resolution pictures and keep it with you in your family photo-albums forever.
Welcome to Bariloche Lake District - I hope that you will find here more than promised :-).

San Carlos de Bariloche

     After Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires, this is one of the most often visited places in Argentina. Located at the foothills of the Central Andes chain with magnificent vistas on lakes and mountains it offers year-round activities and attractions for everybody.

Bariloche and southern part of the Nahuel Huapi Lake.

  1. Circuito Chico (along the "Los Kilometros" road). See the full description and pictures in the section: "Circuito Chico" below.
  2. San Pedro Peninsula (Peninsula de San Pedro)
  3. Municipal Park Llao-Llao (Parque Municipal Llao-Llao)
  4. Colonia Suiza
  5. Ski Center at Mount Cathedral (Centro de Esqui Cerro Catedral)
  6. Villa Los Coihues
  7. Neumeyer Refuge (Refugio Neumeyer)
  8. Mount Otto (Cerro Otto)

      Sometimes Bariloche is called “Little Switzerland” and there is a good reason for that. Not only that the surrounding landscape is similar to that in Switzerland, but also because the city was initially settled and built by immigrants from that part of Europe. They left their strong footprints still visible these days.

Bariloche is a gateway to the Nahuel Huapi National Park encompassing a major part of the Lake District. The park offers you almost all activities you can think of:

  • If you like trekking then this is a place to be. You will find here many hiking trails, campgrounds, and mountain lodges located in the pristine environment of the national park.

  • Do you want to fish? Think “trout” (brook, rainbow, and brown) - this is the dream coming through (do not forget about the permit);

  • Are you a bird watcher? Then you found paradise… just remember to bring your binoculars…

  • Are you a skier? Well, this is the biggest ski center in Argentina. Needless to say that during wintertime “half” of the Brasil is here (for that reason Bariloche is also called Brasiloche).

  • Are you a climber? Although Aconcagua is much farther north (Mendoza), you will not be bored here. Climbing El Tronador will be very challenging and rewarding as well…

  • Love horseback riding? No problem, just make your wish as there is no shortage of opportunities…

  • Diving, windsurfing, canoeing, rafting – you name it….

  • Or you are just a nature-hungry visitor? You will find here more than you can chew!

Bariloche - Civic Center (Centro Civico)- City Hall tower.

         OK, so let’s see some interesting places in the Bariloche Lake District. Please consider the following part as a “short-and-simplified” introduction to the Big Adventure. You can experience it browsing through pages on this website with literally tons of pictures.
I'm expecting however that at the end some of you may be inspired by this information and pictures to personally live this Big Adventure by going to the Bariloche Lake District.

Circuito Chico (Small Circuit)

    This is a 60 km trail near the city of Bariloche with the most remarkable part – Cerro Campanario. From the top of the hill, you will face spectacular panoramic views of lakes and snow-capped mountains. It will take your breath away and make you speechless! No wonder that Cerro Campanario was voted as one of the top ten spots for best scenic views in the world by National Geographic survey.

View from the Cerro Campanario

So take my words – this is the place not to be missed. It is a kind of a “jaw-dropping-eye-opener” on the surrounding Lake District. In the whole Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi it will be difficult to find a better panoramic spot than that from Cerro Campanario.

For more details and stunning pictures see:

--> Cerro Campanario

Los Arrayanes National Park

      The Quetrihué Peninsula is home to the only arrayanes (myrtle) forest in the world. The strange and somehow surrealistic-looking arrayan trees grow like gigantic bushes. Arayan trees are virtually bark-less covered only by a tiny outer layer in the color of cinnamon. Try to imagine the ambiance of such a mysterious forest….

Arrayanes (Myrtle) Forest

The access to the Parque National Los Arrayanes is either by boat from Pañuelo Port or Villa la Angostura through the 12 km (7 miles) trail.

To see pictures and read more details please either click the photo above or select the following link:

--> Arrayanes Forest 

Quetrihué Peninsula is home to the only Arrayanes Forest in the whole world!
(Courtesy of the Administracion de Parques Nacionales - Seccional Villa La Angostura).

I hope that this Lake District maps and pictures are instructive and you already found here inspiring information.

However if not yet, then the good news is that this is just the beginning of the story.

Please search throughout the next pages for what you need by selecting:
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If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)

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