Masca Village
Tenerife's Hidden Jewel

Masca - the stunning beauty of nature with the charm of the little hidden village seemingly at the end of the known world…..

Forgotten Village

     Imagine you are sitting in a kind of “rustic” road-side cafe, just two plastic tables at the edge of a small parking lot, lost somewhere in the middle of mountainous landscape (actually "in the middle of nowhere").

The coffee shop itself is a sort of little mobile unit, you don’t find easily these days, squeezed between a rocky wall and the parking lot.

A charming and hospitable waiter emerges from nowhere bringing you a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The aroma rises into the air, mixing with the fresh crispness of your surroundings...

Road to Masca is an attraction by itself....

      As you enjoy your fresh beverage, you begin to feel relaxed, after spending quite some time behind the steering wheel, exploring back country roads. Finally, reaching some level of comfort and peace you look down to take in your surroundings. In front of you as far as you can reach unfolds the stunning beauty of rugged and still unspoiled nature, literally taking your breath away.....

For centuries, this barrier of mountains protected Masca from "intruders" 

View from the "outdoor cafe bar" on the famous "Road to Masca" with the village in the background.

Long and winding road.... 

Deep ravines interlaced with lush green flora

The palm is a first sign that we are approaching Masca

As you slowly enjoy the view, you gaze at a picturesque valley with deep ravines interlaced with lush green flora surrounded by steep ridges of volcanic mountains. The narrow and curvaceous road that leads down the valley appears to consist only of twisted and interlaced turns through the steep hillside as it reaches the center of the little, forgotten village - Masca.

I just hope that these words expressing my feelings “mixed” with attached pictures can give you an idea about the stunning beauty of the road to Masca. Those familiar with the "Road to Hana" (Maui Island) may easily understand such state of mind...

Village and majestic views on surroundings

Local tavern 

Stone houses cling to steep slopes....

These impressive decorations in the restaurant "Chez Arlette" cannot compete with the vista on the valley from the terrace.... As the legend goes among locals that for centuries call Masca their home, because of its remoteness, the village once upon a time served as a refuge for pirates on their way to conquer the seas of the world.

Because the village was invisible from the sea and inaccessible from the land, it was nicknamed the “Hidden Village". Enclosed deeply in the rugged terrain of the Teno mountain range, this charming little village was a well kept secret until very recently, when a new road was built to access it. In the past, this gem was only accessible by riding on a mule or on horseback. Thanks to the new road, Masca can now welcome visitors with its unique charm and genuineness, seemingly being a Nature Lover’s "dream comes true" story….

Regardless of its most likely turbulent past, these days Masca offers its visitors and inhabitants a peaceful beauty that can only be experienced in a place lost in the heart of a mountainous landscape.

You can't easily go for a walk in the village - however, you can certainly go for "climbing" 

View from the restaurant "Chez Arlette"

     The village itself is situated slightly off the road, and is mostly inaccessible by car. Visitors have to follow a few steep and narrow paths paved with stones that make up the “system of streets”. But this only adds to the beauty of the place unspoiled by civilization, helping minds to fully indulge in this idyllic landscape.

Few existing restaurants and bars offer good food but let’s be honest - with so spectacular views from the terraces, the food is a secondary issue ….

Above and below: Restaurant "Chez Arlette"

To my delight, till these days, relatively few tourists venture these meandering roads, so Masca still keeps its largely undiscovered secrets of the hidden village in the dramatically magnificent valley.

Monument of Jose Perez Gonzales (1896-1984) - a man that "opened" Masca to the external world... 

El Ayuntamiento (Local administration) on the Plaza de Masca

House with a palm tree in the middle.....

    Well, knowing that one picture is better than a thousand words please take a closer look at the attached pictures taken in Masca, (Tenerife, Canary Islands). 


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