Meeting with Mount Everest

Mt. Everest - breathtaking views of the Mother of All Mountains – the Queen Chomolungma seen from the North Base Camp…..

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It is not an easy task to write something about Mt. Everest. 

Putting these words together I feel like I’m trying impossible – attempting to confine the Mystery of the Nature, the power of the Sacred Mountain into string of human words…..

Yet I know that I have to do it.

Otherwise the following gallery of the Free Mt. Everest Pictures may not be able to fully convey you the complexity of emotions “boiling” in the soul of an observer humbly standing on the ground in the Mt. Everest North Base Camp.

To our generations, the Mother of Mountains is unquestionably known as Mt. Everest.

But this is the relatively new addition on the Himalayas maps – the name was given by the Royal Geographical Society in memory of the 19th century British Surveyor General of India – Sir George Everest.

View from the North Base Camp - Tibet 

     As we can expect, the Goddess of All Mountains was not nameless till that time – being known as Chomolongma in the local dialect of Sherpa community and Quomolangma in the Tibetan one. Apparently the latter was already used on the maps back in 18th century.

Excitement was growing with every bend along the road... 

Step by step the magnificent massif of Mount Everest started emerging on the horizon... 

Clouds were scary, - usually at this time of the year they envelope Himalayas

 ... so there was always a risk that the meeting with the Mount Everest will be over even before it starts :-(

 .... fortunately, this time "Mountain Gods" were on our side :-)

For the “fullness” of this description we should also mention the newest addition from the mid of 20th-century – the official Nepali name for the world’s highest mountain – a magnificently sounding - Sagarmatha.

 so here it is - from this side still Quomolangma (Tibetan name)

 hard to believe that somewhere there are "classic" paths leading to the summit!

From the Base Camp (at 5500+ meters above the sea level, Her Majesty is till imposing but it does not look like 8+km high...

It was hard not to take extra shots - such "beauty" does not happen that often (clouds can completely spoil the Himalayan Adventure a as the matter of fact they do it very often )

“Jumping” for hours in the comfort of the 4-wheels Toyota along the unpaved tract across the Tibetan wilderness we were slowly approaching the North Base Camp.

View on the Mount Everest from the base camp through the rainbow of Tibetan Buddhist the prayer flags......

The thick clouds partially covering mountainous horizon were not promising too much. We kept however our optimism as this was the only valid option for us. Taking this long and exhausting trip we did not want to accept the possibility of facing the wall of clouds in front of us.

We knew that at this time of the year – this is a pretty much a typical scenario facing tourists.

It is a well known and accepted truth that the Mother Nature jealously keeps her secrets from the “intruders’ eyes”…..

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After all why not to live such "once-in-the-lifetime" adventure? 

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