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Iguazu Aviary Map and Info

Parque das Aves provides you map and info about the famous aviary in Foz de Iguazu. You may need it before you enter this rain-forest kingdom of exotic birds.

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Pargue das Aves map

      The attached map (courtesy of the Parque das Aves) shows the plan of the Tropicana Birds Park.

The Parque das Aves (Foz Tropicana Birds Park) is one of the most important birds’ preservation centers in South America.

Thanks to its location in the Iguacu Falls National Park - itself a huge magnet for tourists from all over the world, the Tropicana Birds Park is also one of the most visited and known parks.

The origin of this birds’ park is touching (although not very unusual). “Once upon a time” an English couple - Mr. & Mrs Dennis and Anna Croukamp came here to visit the Iguazu Falls National Park.

They fell in love with the area, soon after moved to Foz de Iguacu and in 1994 founded the Parque das Aves.
The rest is the history – a very fortunate one…..

The Parque das Aves covers 16 hectares of the rain-forest although currently only 5 are developed as birds’ sanctuary.

Free Birds Park pictures

Visitors' map of the birds park.
Note: If you click on the picture you will get one with slightly better resolution.

 You will find here many adored by public colorful parrots, macaws, variety of toucans, flamingoes but also cranes, red ibises, herons, harpy eagles, vultures etc – altogether more than 900 birds.

There is also a large butterfly house where in addition you will find little flying beauties - hummingbirds. Park also includes a reptile section with alligators and anacondas.

Along the visiting trail you will find three walk-in aviaries – some of them encompassing the native rain-forest. They provide more freedom for birds on the same time offering visitors a chance to feel the nature without the physical barriers and limitations of nets and steel bars.

Free Birds Park Pictures

Free Birds Park Pictures

Free Birds Park Pictures

Free Birds Park Pictures

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This is an important asset of the park - location, location, location in the middle of the rain-forest (of course that main "actors" are birds, birds and birds)

     This vision and effort from the administration of the Birds’ Park should be always welcomed because nothing brings more pain and distress to these freedom-loving animals than their tight containment for our “one-sided” pleasures.

While the map quite accurately depicts the trails and location of points of interest, it does not fully reflect the fact that the park is located in the rain-forest.

To give you better understanding of this environment we included few pictures captured along the visitor’s trails. All you will see is an overwhelming wilderness of the native jungle, with its own reach wildlife. You will feel its presence and hear during the visit.

When planning your visit to the Brazilian Iguassu Falls National Park you may reserve about one and half hours of your time for the tour of the Foz the Iguazu bird’s park.

However if you are an avid photographer and want to capture unique moments of birds’ lives or you are one of these passionate bird watchers, then the time limit has no meaning and is not an option.

The park is open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (6:00pm in the summer). Entry fees are R$25 (Brazilian reals).

Few introduction notes to the Foz de Iguacu Birds’ Park:

    Right after the entry to the birds’ park you will find the following picture and story, which I believe we should all acknowledge in humbleness.

Free Birds Park pictures
Free Birds Park pictures

The Legend of the Tree of Life should open our eyes and raise awareness..... 

Conservation is to try and achieve the global sustainability. 

Parque das Aves uses its lorikeet aviary to illustrate the story from mythology. This ancient legend reminds us of man’s self-imposed threat towards “his” planet Earth and it speaks the ultimate truth:

Nature does not need us, but we need nature

The Legend of the Tree of Life
The Tree of Life grows strong and beautiful in paradise. From its roots emerge the waters of a fountain: the fountain of wisdom.

     A young god approaches. He sacrifices one eye to drink from the water of wisdom. With his sword he cuts out of the tree of life a piece of wood and carves a lance with it. In its shaft he engraves the law of the earth.

With it he rules and dominates the earth: humans, giants, dwarfs, animals. But the world ash tree, due to its injury dies slowly. The water of wisdom dries up.

The tree catches fire which spreads across the earth and destroys all life. Big waters rise and flood the surface of the earth. God, men, giants disappear. Out of the floods the nature emerges and the life starts again.

With these words which I believe should be deeply “engraved” in our consciousness the Parque das Aves takes you on the following pages for the tour of this extraordinary place.
We may try to do it not only with a joy and amazement but also with the humility we own to the Mother Nature.

Free Birds Park Pictures

So let's start this tour to the wilderness of the Iguazu Falls rain-forest full of exotic birds. You can either click on the left picture or follow the link:
Parque des Aves Tour - next (page 2)

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