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Parrots - sometimes you cannot hear them talking, but you can still enjoy these beauties just by watching the spectrum of their colors and shapes…..

Parrots:   They will say what they know :-)

     Usually when we hear someone saying – Parrot, our “imaginative vision” shows us a fairy-tale like spectrum of bright colors in a shape of a bird (the bird is secondary to the colors).

The fact is that parrots are regarded as the most intelligent birds and there is a reason for that.

And the next – we hear a parrot imitating our voice….. (usually cursing as I remember from the adventure oriented books read in my childhood when I considered it to be funny).

Although their brains are small by all accounts, the more meaningful measure – the brain to body size ratio seems to be comparable to that of primates.

No wonder that some of them specially trained, have an ability not only to memorize a large vocabulary of words, but also to be able to associate words with their meanings or even to form some simple sentences.

I know – even today with the backing of the scientific knowledge it is hard to believe it.

parrots picture

parrot picture

parrot picture

Ducorp's cockatoo.

parrot picture

parrot picture

parrot picture

On the left - Palm cockatoo

parrot picture

parrot picture

parrot picture

rainbow lorikeet
parrot pictures Purple-bellied lory

Rainbow of colors.....

    For those scared I have still good news – parrots with their ability to mimic human voice fall into the category of….

…..Those who say what they know,
as being opposite to:
…..These who know what they say!

    Due to their intelligence, friendly and sociable nature and of course beauty of colors, parrots since long were popular as pets. Although this cohabitation with humans certainly benefited them in many ways, I would say that confinement of birds in small cages outdo any potential benefits.

It is hard to imagine bigger punishment to these creatures born to fly. Yet for our own enjoyment we deprive them so easily of their fundamental freedom – freedom to fly, joy of conquering the sky....

That is why I suggest these free parrots pictures over the living ones.

The parrots pictures were taken in the Loro Parque in Tenerife (Canary Islands), which claims to have one of the largest collections of these beautiful birds in the world.

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