These Penguins bring you to the ice of Antarctica without the risk of being frozen.

     Should I say the “Family reunion”? That is just an idea coming to my mind when looking at the pictures of penguins gathering together like friends.




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How will you call it? Maybe the family reunion?


They are like kids (literally) - they still enjoy the snow despite the freezing winter's temperatures! 

    But shortly after I wrote these words came to me the vivid memory of the captivating movie - “March of the Penguins”. Then I realized that indeed the reunion of the penguins family is probably something to celebrate as it does not happen that often - if ever.

The extremely harsh winter conditions, no food to find around and ocean waters miles away – all that does not sound “inviting”.

And if this is not already a dark scenario – add to that the fact that the life promising ocean is infested with leopard seals just waiting for exhausted penguins…..

Sometimes I would question the motives of Mother Nature in making “things” this way…. and certainly this one is hard to understand.

Frankly, this movie although so touching with its message of love, dedication and endurance left me with sad feelings. I somehow felt their pain….

May be because penguins are kind of “human birds”? Their postures and way of walking in a black and white “tuxedo-like plumage” makes them so similar to us.

Waddling the body on their feet or sliding on the bellies across the snow seems not only so familiar to our human race but also so joyful and funny in the same time. Just like a bunch of kids seeing the snow the first time in their lives…

So indeed it was a cheerful moment seeing them in an artificial, predator-free Arctic-like environment. They seemed to be free of worries and able to fully engage in their social life.

I observed them for a while gathering in small groups of presumably “friends” under an artificial cloud from which the snow flakes were falling in slow motion pirouettes. They really enjoyed their new freedom despite of being caged.

Interesting enough I thought – why penguins are usually shown to us in a deep-winter environment? How much it is a part of our false perceptions associating penguins with a snow and how much it is due to the potentially higher attractiveness?

The truth is that only few species of penguins live in a deep southern hemisphere, many - contrary to our beliefs are living in warmer climate along the coastal South America.

But after seeing them in Patagonia (area of Puerto Madryn) I have to admit that penguins look much more attractive and enjoyable for us in a snow covered landscape than on sand beaches where they are loosing most of their charming appeal.

You do not believe me? Please have one more look at these Free Penguins Pictures - aren't they convincing?

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