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Welcome to Argentina - Hola! Qué tal?

Argentina seems to be a “chosen” country.

Spreading for over five thousand kilometers (about 3100 miles) from north to south, bounded by the Andean chain on the west and washed by waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Argentina encompasses all possible climate zones and landscapes.

Province of Missiones (known for the famous Iguazu Falls) has the subtropical climate with abundant rain-forests but on the opposite side - a southernmost province of Tierra del Fuego welcomes you with the arctic climate.

You can see here works of Mother Nature: Iguazu Falls

       And in-between these two extremities there is a long list of different climate zones and landscapes including: mountain’s with surprising lush vegetation in the area of the Lake District (Rio Negro and Neuquen provinces), the “Altas Cordilleras” with the highest peak in both Americas – Aconcagua in the province of Mendoza, green pampas and arid Patagonian steppes, snow-capped volcanoes and “crystal-blue” glaciers, thousands and one islands in the estuary of the La Plata river…. you name it, all is there. 

Things to do and places to visit in Argentina 

Ciudad de Buenos Aires

         Buenos Aires for obvious reasons – it has all not only as the Capital of Argentina but also as a capital of great architecture, beautiful parks, stylish people, rich cultural life, easy-going way of living, food and wine and omnipresent tango to name only few reasons for which it is a “must to visit” place. Buenos Aires air literally vibrates charged with life going on 24/7 – no wonder that the city made to the 3rd position of the list of world’s top 10 party cities in the 2010 Lonely Planet guide "1000 Ultimate Experiences."

Are you ready for Buenos Aires? OK, then please select the tours by clicking:

--> Buenos Aires Walking Tours 

However if you are not ready yet, then before we move farther please get some travel tips that may help you to "navigate" in this city of about 12 million inhabitants.

Please select one of the following links:
Food and Restaurants       Argentina for Foodies -(p1) 
Public Transport               Argentina Transport -(p2)
Security & Financial Tips  General Information -(p3) 
City of Buenos Aires         Capital of Argentina -(p4) 
Argentinean People          Buenos Aires People -(p5) 

Delta Tigre

Tigre - located next to Buenos Aires is the preferred weekend destination for city dwellers. Thousand and one (or even more) islands create a very unique natural reserve of water, vegetation and birds...coexisting with humans :-) 

To start the tour of the Delta Tigre please click on the picture or select the link: -->  Delta Tigre Trip 

Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)

      Another place sure to calm your body and mind is Colonia del Sacramento – a small town located in Uruguay across the Rio de la Plata. A one-hour trip by speedboat from Puerto Madero takes you few centuries back to an old Portuguese town where the time seems to have stopped.

Everything here runs at much slower pace, and the streets, buildings and the very atmosphere are immediately reminiscent of the distant past. 
To visit his charming place please follow the link:

--> Tour of Colonia del Sacramento

Iguazu Falls

      Iguaçu falls – (called Niagara on Viagara) deserves being number one tourist destination in Argentina. Out of three greatest falls – Niagara, Victoria and Iguazu– the latter falls seem to take the top place in the World rankings thanks to the combined effects of their raw power, beauty, size and unspoiled surrounding nature. You can add to that one more important “asset” – the possibility for tourists “to be part of it”…. Not to be missed!

     There are plenty of things to see and do once there, but please keep in mind that you are in the Parque National Iguazu for one main reason - called Iguazu Falls. To get there either click the picture on the left or select the following link:

-->  Wonders of Iguacu Falls

Nearby Aviary

And do not forget to stop at Tropicana Birds Park on the Brazilian side of the Iguacu Falls by clicking:

-->  Parque das Aves - (follow on several pages). 

Cerro Campanario (part of Bariloche Lake District)

       Bariloche Lake District (part of two National Parks – Nahuel Huapi and Lanin) offers top scenic spots in the whole world. Mountains, lakes, lush vegetation, strange arrayanes forest (the only one in the world), Patagonian steppes…..

If you would like to see one of the top ten panoramic views in the whole world, then please take a chair-lift to the Cerro Capmanario by clicking on the left picture or follow the link:

-->  Cerro Campanario

Myrtle Forest 

Not far from the Cerro Campanario, on the Nahuel Huapi Lake there is a secluded Quetrihué Peninsula with the Arrayanes forest - the only one in the whole world. To visit this place please click on the left picture or follow the link:

--> Misterious Forest of Arrayanes


Would you like to see this "oasis" of beauty in the middle of the Patagonian steppe? Then click on the left picture or follow the link:

--> Limay River Amphitheater

Isla Victoria

An enclave of pure nature, isolated from the hectic world by the waters of Nahuel Huapi lake. You can feel its beauty by clicking on the left picture or selecting the following link:

--> Isla Victoria 

Valle Encantado

What a about stunning oasis of Patagonian steppe colors mixed with greenery of lush vegetation and deep blue of Limay waters with strange lava formations on the background - all called Enchanted Valley? Please click on the left picture of follow the link:  --> Valle Encantado

Bariloche Lake District

If you want to learn more about the Bariloche Lake District, find information about activities, trails,see maps and of course pictures...

Please click: --> Bariloche Lake District - (follow on several pages) 

Mendoza and Cordilleras 

     Mendoza – known not only for high mountains towered by 6962m (22,842ft) Aconcagua and canyons (like for example Atuel canyon) but also for its famous wineries and “sea-of-great-wine”……

Aconcagua - the highest peak of both Americas tragically is more dangerous than most mountaineers think... 

To start this picturesque "Odyssey" trip across High Andes, follow the Rio Mendoza along the Uspallata Valley up to the statue of Cristo Redentor at the Chilean border, please click on the left picture or select the link:  --> Mendoza-Santiago Road 

Lake Nihuil with its "Submarine" is located almost at the end of the Atuel Canyon 

To start the tour of this amazing area in San Rafael's Sierra Pintada, please click on the picture of follow the link: --> Atuel Canyon 

Puente del Inca (Altas Andes)- spectacular view of an abandoned thermal spa overtaken by mineral deposits carried by the Vacas River. 

      To visit this Natural Marvel please click on the left picture or select the following link: --> Puente del Inca 

You may also start your tour of Argentina from searching for hotels or restaurants. And there is nothing wrong with that given the fact that most likely you spend good few hours on board of an oversold plane (not even mentioning an old sandwich "graciously" served for a "dinner" during your flight)....
So let's see some hotels and restaurants in Argentina helping you to recover from your flight experience.

Hotels and Restaurants

Free Tasca Restaurant  Pictures Free Iguacu Falls Pictures

Good news - if you are physically and emotionally tired after the exhausting air-trip then the best idea is to go to the hotel and have a good rest. You can do it by following the link:

-->  Loi Suites Hotel with Infinity Pools 

If you want to start from dining so please consider the Tasca restaurant by selecting the link: --> Tasca Restaurant 


  • Calafate (province of Santa Cruz) – the place where the arctic and mountains show their best… Glaciers –with their crystal-blue colors guarded by layers of clean white snow keep their “virginity” thanks to no pollution (not easy to find such examples on the northern part of the Earth). Add to that pinnacles shaped rocky mountains dominating the skyline and that is just the introduction to the famous Los Glaciares Nacional Parque and Cerro Torre.

Tierra del Fuego

  • Ushuaia – being the largest southernmost city on Earth it is called “The end of the world”. This is a place at the tip of the Tierra del Fuego where the Transamerica Highway ends and the ocean opens its gates for (tourist) exploration of Antarctica (or at least the trip around the Cape Horn).


  • Salta – with its strange but colorful formations of rocks and exposed layers of mineral deposits.

      But these are just few most visited areas in Argentina. Once here, you will find that this is only an “introduction” to Argentina - a country that still keeps the best of it as unknown to the world’s community.


However if you are falling in love with Buenos Aires (I do not blame you, it happened to me) then please select:

--->  Buenos Aires Walking Tours 

If you want to prepare yourself for vacation in Argentina then please select: --> Argentina Travel Tips 

I hope that this page Argentina - Tourist Destinations together with numerous carefully selected pictures offered you a glimpse of what Argentina has to offer..... (believe me it's much more than what you see here....)

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