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Let the elegance, beauty and power of animals move you.... you browse these pages of which the center of attention is very much alive as it conquers and awakens your senses.

Right at the start we may ask the legitimate question: Why do we have so much interest in animals on pictures?

    Can even the highest quality picture of these big and wild animals make us feel the same emotions we would experience if we were to encounter them in their natural habitat, eye to eye?

Can even the best birds photos give us feelings of the motion through the skies and "weightlessness" of these flying creatures? How a butterfly picture can imply the agility and vividness of these princesses? Not mentioning difficulties to reflect on the pictures the loveliness and friendliness of our cats and dogs….

To answer these questions I’m inviting you for a tour through the pages of the free stock animal pictures and photos. Do not rush, take your time, stop and gaze at some animal pictures, think of it as a lovely Sunday afternoon family walk.

I’m sure that you will find something for you, be it:

Big cats: tigers, lions and jaguar shown in "quasi- natural" (wilderness-like) environment, all carrying their incredible might and power, together with a dignified elegance;
Visit some of the following pages: -->
Bengal Tiger

White Tiger 
White Lions Cubs    (new-born in Buenos-Aires Zoo)
Jaguar and Leopards
African Lions

Below you will find impressive gorillas  and chimpanzees but that is not all. What about orangutan or some other cute monkeys? You will find more by clicking --> Great Apes 

Visit the vast Tibetan Plateau to see yaks as well as wild goats, foxes... All in their natural environment of vast territory of Tibet:

-->  Yaks and Wildlife in Tibet 

Or may be you would like to visit Zoo Parks around the world?

Go to Buenos Aires by clicking: Buenos Aires Zoo 

Being already in Argentina you cannot miss the rain-forest's Parque des Aves (next to the Iguazu Falls): Parque das Aves

Visit Canary Islands where on Tenerife you will find two Zoo Parks - Jungle Park and Loro Parque: Loro Parque-Tenerife

Colourful collection of parrots pictures. I know what you will say - such a variety of shapes and an eye-catching rainbow of colours! So here they are:

---> Parrots Pictures 

 ---> Macaws Pictures 

And a full range of various birds  when going to: -->Birds pictures 

or little babies: --> Hummingbirds

Do not miss the large aviary: --> Parque des Aves

Here are incredibly vibrant and eye-catching butterflies from Tenerife: --> Butterfly pictures 

Adorable cats pictures, always taking us by their cuteness and charm: ---> Cat pictures 

Dog pictures – although you will not see here those with a long genealogical line, I promise you will find very friendly, gentle and full of affection ones: ---> Dogs pictures 

Close-up relations with eagles and vultures showing their might of warriors... 
--->  Eagles and Vultures

--->  Andean Condors

What do you think about pandas? As usually they are so lovely in their laziness. 
So go to Chengdu's Panda Center to see:

--> Giant Pandas , and their "cousins"

--> Red Pandas

Brown bears , some as you can see quite funny. Isn't he simply "enjoying life" !
Go to: --> Bears pictures 

Now time for Antarctic atmosphere with penguins: --> Penguins 

Majestic turtle accompanied by iguanas: --> Iguanas and turtles 

Few (so far) insects , but this one is really big! --> Insects pictures 

And few shots of "photogenic" lamas: --> Lamas

In the future you will also find here a variety of unlisted (so far) animals and.... the bonus – right now you have written memories of mesmerizing observations from the visits to the animal kingdoms.

I hope that you will come back from this “Sunday afternoon walk” across the world of free stock animal pictures and photos enriched by their radiant majesty, nobility, pure beauty as well as warmness and affection. I also hope you will embark on this road coming back to join us again in the future.

Because the answer to the "initial question is":

Well, they can – animals’ pictures in all their variety have few indisputable advantages. Yes, meeting the kings of the wilderness like tigers or lions on their territory and in their natural living conditions in the wild may be a tempting and fascinating experience, but also deadly. Looking for chances in somehow “negotiated” safari conditions certainly is worth its' price of admission, but rarely results in close-up “eye-to eye” encounters.

Bird watchers undeniably will point out the overwhelming joy of going out for the fiesta. And to some extent they will be right. Yet how many of us have chances to see these so unpredictable "little flying things"?

Butterflies? - the major inconvenience as I know to witness this rainbow-like paradise, is the need to enter deep Amazon forests. So far I’m only weighting such decision…..

The truth is that animals do not expose their beauty as we do in fashion shows.

So although safari dreams may stay with us throughout most of life, the good quality tiger or lion pictures, bird pictures, butterfly pictures, cat and dog pictures … may offer the memorable hardcopy version of fascinating dreams and expectations.

Yes, this is a "down-to-earth" solution, but in my opinion animal pictures can beautifully fill the gap between our human needs and practical limitations. Indisputably, the whole animal world is an example of the finest, most sublime and inspiring form of life. Magnificent in their harmony of forms, shapes and colors animals present themselves to us as a form of living art.

Let this journey through the world of free stock animal pictures and photos be part of your dreams. 

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