City Pictures:
Sightseeing tourist attractions

See perfect reflection of vibrant soul of the city: pictures of buildings, churches, castles, bridges, monuments, restaurants, museums and more.... as well stories behind them; Take walking tours along the streets…

On these pages you will find much more than just buildings and asphalt of the streets. This collection of stories and photos made available by the Free Stock City Pictures presents cities from all over the world. It’s the best prove of human ingenuity, undeniably demonstrating the essence and spirit of human creativity.

These days I’m more than ever convinced that we are now living in a global village. Planes move us between continents in a matter of hours. Internet tightens global distances to few tens of milliseconds ….

Fortunately despite all these technological marvels “unifying” the whole world into a kind of Global Village Environment, the Real World did not "melt-down" to the common denominators and it is still very much "differentiated".

I hope that these free city pictures and photos will give you an overwhelming evidence of richness and diversity of cultures, traditions, perception of beauty …all at the click of the mouse.

Great Cities from around the world...

Isn't it an amazing contrast?

On the left side the city picture reveals the power of the modern architectural design in Beijing, while the one on the right side exposes an “astonishing” beauty of Montreal (who will expect it in the downtown?

So here you are – sightseeing city attractions in pictures, opening their more or less known secrets, bringing you into the labyrinth of steel, glass, brick and concrete but despite the dominance of these components still pretty much alive, full of colors and amazing shapes…



Buenos Aires Walking Tours

San Martin Plaza Walking Tour

Teatro Colon Tour

Palacio Barolo Tour

Puerto Madero

Plaza de Mayo Tour

Plaza del Congreso Tour


Guilin Tour

Shanghai Tour



Havana Tour



Chitwan Tharu Village


Cracow Old Town











Masca Village

United States



Colonia del Sacramento Tour

Churches, Temples, Pagodas....

Left: Wall paintings in Orawka's Church (Poland)

Right: St. Patrick Cathedral in NYC

You will find here free pictures of churches, temples and pagodas showing magnificent structures from all around the world, witnessing the best of human imagination and skills.

But you will also see these small, usually unknown to wider public, and never mentioned on “first pages” - treasures from small villages.
Go to:
Churches Pictures

Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament  (Buenos Aires)
Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral
Church Our Lady of Pillar   (Buenos Aires)
Orawka Wooden Church   (Poland)
St. Nicolas Greek's Orthodox Church  (Havana - Cuba)
World Peace Pagoda  (Nepal)

You may also like to see:
Recoleta Cemetery (4 pages)   (Buenos Aires)
Monument of Cristo Redentor  (Argentina-Chile)

Restaurants and Hotels
(you need them especially in the city...

From the left: Underground restaurant in Krakow's Old Town;

Food you will find in Shanghai;

Infinity Swimming Pools in Loi Suite hotel in Iguazu Falls

Is there a place for food, restaurants and hotels in the free stock city pictures and photos? Well, these are essential parts of our city tour in pictures, but do not expect here the guide for restaurants or hotels.

Go to:
Old Town Cracow Restaurants  (Poland)

Restaurant Wierzynek   - (one of the places to visit before you die)
Cafe-Restaurant Wierzynek    - Polish & International cuisine
Restaurant Cyrano de Bergerac    - French fine cuisine
Restaurant Hawelka   Polish-Galician food with the Viennese flavor Restaurant Poezja Smaku    - Polish traditional cuisine
Krakow Historic Restaurant Grodek    - Polish cuisine with French-Italian twists
Jewish Restaurant Klezmer-Hois    - Jewish cuisine
Russian Restaurant - Wisniowy Sad    Russian cuisine
Restaurant Sasiedzi   Polish Food
Restaurant "Pod Aniolami" Traditional Polish cusine
Italian Restaurant - Cherubino   - Italian cuisine
Chimera- Garden Salad Bar    - healthy salad buffet
Polish Restaurant Chimera    - Traditional Polish cuisine
Krakow Bars - Café Camelot  - charming place to be :-)
"Once Upon a Time in Kazimierz"  - Jewish cuisine and settings

La Tasca Restaurant  (Patagonia)
Café Tortoni - Buenos Aires

Free Rainforest Hotels;  -food and Infinity pools

Chitwan Green Mansion Resort (Nepal)
Dominica Jungle Bay Resort & Spa

Be ready only for an unusual, for something inspiring to go for dining instead of just “having” the dinner.

I’m sure you know very well what I’m talking about, so “bon appétit”!

Be ready for something more than just the bed in the hotel....

Museums & Art Galleries

(these "less visited" but by no means of lesser value...)

"Primavera" by Lucio Correa Morales in Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

Museums present a big part of our history.

These pages propose sightseeing tours of many cities' attractions, not only these most recognized ones but also those less visited and less publicized (if at all).

I may agree, that it may be very valuable to visit the famous ones (who wouldn't like to visit Louvre, Prado, Hermitage....), but who knows how much we are loosing by forgetting existence of those less prominent?

Go to:

free museums pictures
Carlos Thays Garden - Open Art Gallery   (Buenos Aires)
Colonia Antigua (Museums)  (Uruguay)
Heminguay's Museum in Havana   (Cuba)


Left: Defensive Orava Castle (Slovakia), right: Medieval Ajlun Castle in today's Kingdom of Jordan

Castles – be it simple defensive structures or more complex and sophisticated constructions enclosed behind defensive walls are fascinating these days more than ever.

Castles pictures and photos can bring you to the more or less remote past which may seem from today’s perspective like a fairy-tail story.

Go to:

Krakow-Wawel castle
Orava Castle
Ajlun Castle


Tara Bridge - once the tallest bridge in Europe, today still an attraction

Go to:
Tara River bridge
Drina Bridge

To have a bridge you first need The Mother Nature to prepare a ground for human ingenuity and creativeness. That is why, bridges usually bring you the best of both worlds - Nature and combined effort of architects and engineers.

Just imagine a typical scenario - sharp cliffs, canyon, river and suspended over it, somehow defying the forces of gravity, an elegant silhouette of the bridge made by man's hands..... Welcome to the world of bridges!

Secluded Villages and mysterious places

Pond in the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu (Nepal)

Go to:
Masca village
- (Tenerife)
Drvengrad Mokra Gora

Tibetan House

Chitwan Tharu Village (Nepal)
Kathmandu Garden of Dreams

Little villages in free stock pictures and photos – sometimes swelling with tourists, but more often unknown, out of the main paths. Yet they may have so much to share, so much to say....and so much to whisper to those willing to see, hear and listen... Just try!


Did you see city without monuments?

Monument of the South American Hero General José de San Martin (Buenos Aires)

Go to:
General Jose de San Martin

English Tower & War Memorial
Recoleta Cemetery Tales & Pictures
Park La Flor

May be monuments in pictures and photos can help to re-discover the long lost historical moments and re-fresh memory of old but certainly glorious times?

Cars, Trains and more...

(mainly old-timers...)

Left: Old steam train in Mokra Gora (Serbia),

right - streets of Havana (Cuba)

Go to:
free cars pictures

Sargan-8 Steam-Engine Train

Did you hear about a city without cars and/or public transport? I agree – not yet! Seeing these cars, trams and train pictures and photos may help you to recognize that they largely contribute to the colors, dynamism, vividness and attractiveness of the city.

Street Lamps

Find designs from every corner of the world

Street lamp in the Bryant Park in NYC.

Go to:
free street lamps pictures

Many street lamps represent a great masterpiece addition to the overall city charm. Indeed they themselves can be part of tourist attractions worth to see during sightseeing tours.

Needless to say that most of these lamps are typically unnoticed during a daylight time. Forgotten that they exist at all, they seem to be overshadowed by the intensity of the street’s life.

Yet they may be so beautiful….so please rediscover the world of street lamps in these photos.

         Looking at these city pictures you will recognize many historical landmarks that can be used as reference points helping us to determine after morning wake-ups where possibly we set out our feet.

But you will also grasp great differences in zillions of little details, in ambiance created by each city, in what we may call “style of living”. Because frankly in the wilderness it is the Mother-Nature that affects our feelings, but in the cities – the life’s blood-streams that shape our mind-sets and impressions are determined by people.

Here you will discover human’s creative and artistic visions imprinted in the “Landscape of the city” (as the material form) and suspended in vibrations of the air as the “Spirit of the city”.

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Street Lamps (3 pages)

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Sargan-8 Steam-Engine Train Adventure (2 pages)

Tara River bridge
Drina Bridge

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