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Amazing World in Pictures is honored to offer you the best of The Mother Nature: colorful flowers, amazing trees, different faces of sea, sky and clouds, fascinating sunsets, astonishing mountains, volcanoes, parks.....

......actually it is impossible to list all possible themes that can emerge in the future – thanks to the unlimited “intelligence” and “resourcefulness” of the nature….

Amazing Nature
I do not know how many of us realized how patient with us is the Mother Nature.

     Despite all our efforts to prove the “superiority” of the human brain over the “forces and laws of nature”, despite our efforts to “bend” the nature to our quite often greedy needs, despite our ignorance and lack of tolerance, the incredibly merciful Mother Nature heals inflicted wounds, forgive us our sins and in a sign of love for human-kind offers the best She has to offer – Herself.

Herself in pure beauty of shapes, forms, colors and scents, in grace and dignity of all living organisms, in stunning power of forces of nature …..For how long?

Well, I hope our Mother Nature will never loose her temper and patience offering her generous gifts forever. I also hope that we will understand, that the nature is necessary for our survival the same way as the bread and the water… may be even more because there is no hope for fresh bread and clean water without the pristine nature.
Let these Free Stock Nature Pictures and Photos talk for themselves….

We often express our love for someone special by a bouquet of flowers or when impossible to carry them in person - by sending a picture of flowers. That tells everything about how we feel not only about the loved ones, but also about flowers. We know that their innocent beauty and lovely scent can open hearts.

Free nature flowers pictures
Free nature flowers pictures

Spring flowers

     Fortunately there is also another world of flowers, far from shops and nurseries – the world of wild flowers – here captured on these pages. For me they bring so much softness, grace and beauty as can be only offered by an untouched and unspoiled “nature in nature”.

Free wildflowers pictures
Free wildflowers pictures


     I’m promising you – the Mountains Pictures will not be boring. For some – they can be just the “bunch of massive rocks” but for most of us they are a spectacularly beautiful and majestic outcome of otherwise disastrous earthquakes and gigantic collisions. For sure we take them as they are - with all their remarkable and unparalleled beauty. I guess we almost always feel their magnetic force of attraction which I tried to capture on the following pictures.

Free Mountains Pictures
Free Mountains Pictures

Mt Everest;


Lhasa-Kathmandu by Friendship Highway (epic journey across Tibet)

    Who wouldn’t be “hypnotized” by the gigantic amount of water plummeting down the crescent-shaped cliffs creating dense clouds of mist totally hiding secrets of the gorge from our eyes. Yet, from the above you can clearly see the beginning of the “Perfect Storm”. It will steal your heart and leave you with a sense of awe and serenity. That is how it starts the visit to the Devil’s Throat in Iguazu Falls.

Free waterfalls pictures
Free waterfalls pictures

Iguacu Falls;
Pokhara falls;
Dominica Victoria Falls

     Volcanoes did not have big chance (yet) to capture the fire and ash spewing volcano. May be because during my trips I’m always trying to respect the goddess of fire? (I was lucky to learn in advance the stories of vengeful goddess Pele during my trip to Hawaii). However I do not have big regrets because moon-like volcanic landscapes usually offer so dramatic forms of lava formations, so spectacular vistas on calderas, so striking forces of nature trying to start new life in lifeless environment that there is no need for more “excitement”.

Free Vulcanoes Pictures
Free Vulcanoes Pictures


Nature Parks
We let you wander for a while in the vastness of parks, we let you go astray, but without the risk of getting lost. Parks in any form, be it huge national areas with all their diversity or just small local enclaves of nature give us chance to keep in touch with the nature, to re-tune our senses in order to recognize and be aware of what we lost by “getting civilized”.

Free Pictures of Nature Parks
Free Nature Park Pictures

Piedra Rosa;
Guilin caves;
Yu Garden;
Arrayanes Park;
Lake District;
Valle Encantado;
Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur

Chitwan National Park
Chitwan Wild Safari
Island of Dominica
Dominica Boiling Lake
Dominica Secret Beach
Machu Picchu Scenery
La Gomera Garajanay Park

Rivers and Lakes 
    For some rivers may be just a lot of water, but for many it is a water meandering through magnificent landscapes... Did you see the Li River valley?
And what about a mountainous landscape dotted with emerald lakes like for example in Bariloche in Argentinian Andes?

Free rivers pictures
Free Lake District pictures

Li River-China;

Cerro Campanario;
Limay River Anfiteatro;
Atuel Canyon in Mendoza

Yangtze River
Yangtse River in Poetry
Three Gorges Dam
3 Gorges Tour
Three Gorges
Lesser Gorges on Chang Jiang
Lake Melissani

Sky and Clouds 
    Who did not spend long minutes watching clouds on the sky? For me the most fascinating is the dynamics of movements and forms mixed with sunlight and bluishness of the deep sky. You can see powerful thick cotton clouds devouring another thin satin-like beauty, you can see them dancing in the arms of wind, walking in pairs, gently touching and hugging like lovers…

Free Sky Clouds Pictures
Free Sky Clouds Pictures

Sky & Clouds;
Nagarkot's Sky;

Sunrise and Sunset
   We captured these quickly vanishing moments of mystery. Usually sunrises and sunsets create in us quite different feelings – these of joy and warmness of the early morning mixed with high expectations for a day and a kind of nostalgic feelings associated with the passing time, a passing day vanishing somewhere in the deep waters or hiding behind the mountains.

Free sunset pictures
Free sunset pictures


Seas and Oceans
     How many faces can have the sea? Well, for quite long I was thinking that the sea is nothing else but an enormous amount of the water (too bad that so salty!). Then I saw the paintings of the famous English painter – Turner, and the rest is a history. Seas, lakes and rivers seem to have an unlimited amount of their “states of mind” expressed by the “mood” (in analogy to human beings). And similarly to us, in split second they can switch from a picturesque gentle beauty to a roaring beast. Please take the waters as they are in Free Seas without dwelling too much on the analogy to human beings.

Free Seas Pictures
Free Seas Pictures


Think about it: the brut power of a trunk combined with the vital force of the web of twisted branches and the fragileness and smoothness of the enveloping crown of leaves…. What a combination…..Some are old - remembering times of our ancestors, some young, proudly climbing to the sun in the battle for survival, some “walking” away, others intertwined in the hug of love… All in surprising variety of shapes, shades of green or rainbow colors of an early fall… the true majesty in Free Trees Pictures and Photos.

Free Trees Parks Pictures
Free Trees Parks Pictures

Myrtle forest

Wild Mushrooms
     We will try to bring Mushrooms into the light. I know what you think – scary business! But I promise no picking them up action nor publicity for any mushroom based meal, just the pictures to show you some eatable and some potentially poisonous ones in their natural environment. Keep in mind – mushrooms are the flowers of the forest. They have their nice-looking colors, fancy shapes and believe me – the good ones smell heavenly. Are you ready for the forest?

Free wild mushrooms pictures
Free wild mushrooms pictures


Just the Nature
     These pictures embrace everything not included above. This is my act of desperation to share with you several great (some may be not so) pictures that I was not able to clearly categorize. So a bit of everything and I’m not even sure how this part of the Amazing World in Free Stock Pictures and Just Nature will turn out. I will let it “live its own life” and we will all witness the unfolding process….

Free Nature pictures
Free Nature pictures

Masca Village;
Chitwan Tharu Village

     I’m still not sure if I will include all four seasons as separate pages, the winter however is so different that it deserves the special place here. So let’s sing together “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….” and then here they are – the Free Winter Pictures and Photos. Taking some winter shots I realized that snow completely changes the landscape. Even human made objects, streets, cities, cars ….covered by the fresh layer of white snow or decorated by dancing snow-flakes look like the pristine nature at it’s best.

Free Winter Pictures
Free Winter Pictures


And the best of it – you can enjoy the free winter pictures in room temperature!

      I hope that these pictures of the nature in all variety of forms will enhance our awareness and contribute to our thankfulness to those who “fighting” with unfading perseverance saved these vast areas of nature for all kind of living creatures.

Let's hope that this beautiful scenery will be everlasting!.

They gave us chance to re-connect with the natural world – the place where we belong.

Welcome to the Mother Nature on these Free Stock Nature Pictures and Photos – home to all of us. 

If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)

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