Bengal Tigers
Beauties and the Beasts

Meet Bengal tigers - animals carrying an incredible might and power with a dignified elegance of kings of the wilderness.

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Bengal Tigers 

      So here it is - the kingdom of magnificent Bengal tigers in pictures. Even more - some of them as you will see on the next pages, are white tigers!

These Bengal tiger pictures were taken in Tenerife (Canary Islands) - correspondingly in the Loro Parque and Jungle Park – two impressive enclaves of "engineered" wilderness in these Happy Islands.

You may agree with me that the safest meeting with these kings of wilderness is when comfortably sitting in the front of the computer and looking at these beautiful free tiger pictures.

And the best is that now you can look at them "eye-to-eye"….

Just to give you the fresh start: Bengal tigers called also Royal Bengal Tigers occupy the area of India (where the majority of existing species live these days), Bangladesh, and to the smaller extent - Nepal, Burma and Bhutan. The good news is that today you can watch them not only in Zoo Parks but also on the pages of these Free Tiger Pictures.

Bengal tiger Bengal tiger Bengal tiger

Bengal Tigers - I'm still amazed by the fact that I was able to take so powerful and moving pictures of tigers.

Bengal tiger Bengal tiger Bengal tiger

I regret that you cannot see the grace and elegance of movement of these tigers....

     Bengal tigers for long were admired for their beauty, power and might and fierce hunting skills (to make the list short).

No wonder that the Bengal tiger has been a national symbol of India since “the beginning of the recorded history” (similarly as in Europe most countries opted for the symbol of eagle, but we may agree that it was only due to lack of tigers in this part of the world.).

Many Bengal tigers in zoo parks are "genetically polluted" hybrids, as a result of inter-breeding with Siberian tigers. This practice unfortunately spills also to the conservation efforts when sometimes hybrid captive-bred tiger cubes are released into the wilderness.

Regrettably poaching activity is more than decimating wild population of tigers. We just have to hope and keep crossed fingers that these beautiful animals will survive as a species in the nature despite relentless pressure from what we call "civilization" (sometimes I feel more appropriate name will be: "uncivilized civilization").

     Hoping for the best, in the mean-time let’s enjoy these beauties and beasts. You may also admit seeing these tiger pictures that the "engineered" wilderness seems to stand up to the real meaning of "wilderness" – at least in these too zoo parks. Frankly - I have always mixed feelings regarding the old dilemma – watching animals in the nature or in zoo parks.

Please believe me however that these two (specifically Loro Parque) made the best efforts to make it "dream-come-true" kind of environment for animals.

Needless to say that the climate on the Canary Islands is very helpful to make it happen.

I hope that you found interesting this first page and are ready to explore more facts, secrets and pictures of felines - be it Bengal tigers as well as white tigers, lions (including white lions) and black jaguars on the following pages. 

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