White Lion Cubs:
Life in the wild

Cute 3-months old white cubs from the Buenos Aires Zoo; facts from the life of wild lion cubs in the nature ....

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The lioness gives birth at about 3.5 months after conception (105 to 115 days).

      Usually the litter includes from 2 to 4 cubs. The cubs are born blind and vulnerable weighting between 1 to 2 kg (2 to 4 lbs).

At that time lioness separates from the pride (larger “social” group of many females and one to few males) and hides in a bush.

For the first six to eight weeks cubs are entirely feeding on the mother’s milk. At the age of about 2 months they start to eat meat although mother’s milk will be still part of their diet till they reach 6-8 months.

      From the early age cubs start to learn the adults hunting skills. At the beginning these essential learning lessons have forms of apparently “innocent” plays with each other and anything that captures their attention.

This is a most dangerous time in their lives exposing them not only to other predators but also to the good and bad fortunes of their mother lioness.

Early age of innocence.....

     Despite the fact that lions are unquestionable kings of the animal world, getting food is not an easy process and sometimes mothers will even abandon their cubs if they are unable to feed themselves.

Only after 6 to 8 weeks of “hiding” in the bush, a mother with the new born cubs re-joins the pride. The pride provides more safety although as you will read later exposes cubs to new dangers.

Surprisingly the big danger to the cubs comes from male lions. It is well known that sometimes what is still quite unusual in the animal world they will kill cubs. However it is not a simple act of cruelty but rather an example of a strong sexual drive (sounds familiar?).

Turns out that nursing females can breed again only about year and half after giving birth to cubs. However if they loose their cubs their reproductive cycle comes back within a very short period of time – a week or two.

     Unfortunately for young cubs, male lions seem to instinctively know (feel) that fact. As a kind of protection in the wild – lionesses gather together with cubs in larger groups called prides. Most of them in a kind of “solidarity” driven by mothers’ instincts can together more efficiently defend cubs from infanticidal males.

After reaching about one year of age cubs start to be part of the real hunting adventures initially as observers. At the age of 2-3 years cubs reach the maturity. Their life expectancy in the wild is about 12 years (almost twice less than in captivity).

From the early ages (here they have just two months) lion cubs play with everything that captures their attention.

These cubs seemingly enjoy safety of Zoo park - will they prefer to be in the wild if they have a choice? Tough question...

      I hope you learned some new facts after browsing these few pages provided by the Free White Lion Cubs Pictures. Keep the most memorable information in your memory together with white lion cubs pictures of your choice stored in your computer.

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