White Lions Cubs
Buenos Aires Zoo

Three cute white lion cubs playing with their mother Sofia in Buenos Aires Zoo, just few weeks after being born....

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Joyful event in Buenos Aires Zoo (Argentina)

       On Wednesday, January 5, 2011 the media all over the world reported this breaking news: - For the first time in their short lives the three white lion cubs were presented to the public in the Zoo of Buenos Aires 

But when I looked for details, there was just few photos of white cubs and few sentences. Surprisingly very little.....

So the Free White Lions Cubs Pictures site tries to make it much better, bringing not only tons of pictures but also a lot of information on the following pages dedicated to the white lions. OK, so let's start this joyful story. 

      This happy event was a consequence of what happened back in the previous year. The “proud mother” – a lioness named Sofia on November 16, 2010 gave birth to three white lions – one male and two females.

These are the first white lions born in South America – in general a very rare event given the fact that there are only about 70-80 white lions living in captivity and apparently none in the wild.

I'm so cute :-)

Not so fast, you are till my little baby....

Kids like kids - always curious of everything. No wonder that mother Sofia is closely watching them....

Kids - dinner is ready (seems to say Sofia). And the effect was immediate as you can see on the picture.

What's here?

What's there?  (just curiosity :-)

....  and the time for relax ........

      Both parents are also white lions that according to Zoo’s officials were imported from South Africa (most likely from the famous reserve Timbavati).

Timbavati is a 500 km square (200 square miles) privately own Game Reserve bordering the widely-known Kruger National Park – a favorite South-African safari destination.

Located about 560 km (350 miles) north-east of Johannesburg, the Timbavati Game Reserve opened in1955 thanks to the joint effort of local land-owners. It will probably stay as a little known park in the shadow of the Kruger one if not the extraordinary events following shortly after.

It was here when in 1975 for the first time the presence of white lions was noticed and reported to the Western World. To be honest - prior to that time there were known oral stories about white lions told by local elders, but they were considered just as “untrustworthy stories”…..

The rest is a history – still filled with legends but backed by the hard evidence of few dozen white lions dispersed in Zoos’ parks throughout the world.

For those interested - Chris McBride, the “lucky” man who for the first time observed these mysterious animals published few books about the whole story behind the events in Timbavati park and subsequently about the life of white lions.

The most known are “The white lions of Timbavati” and “Operation White Lion”....

World is too big for cubs so the safety in the presence of their mother is still very precious....

Discovering the "unknown" world on his own.....

Today still fragile, unsure and unaware of the surrounding world - but one day they will be the kings..... 

(continued on the next page - White Lions of Timbavati ......

Who wouldn't like these sweet and cute kids presented by the Free White Lions Cubes Pictures. May be because they are so similar to our domesticated cats? Or may be because this is the only time when we can touch them without being devoured immediately after it?

Whatever it is I'm sure that since you started to watch these white lion cubs pictures the big smile appeared on your faces. So let's continue this photo-safari with white lions on the next page.

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