White Tigers
Mutations of Bengal Species

White Tigers: Before meeting these rare species  "eye-to-eye" let's learn some facts about them.

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White Tigers - Facts
       This time seriously – for most of us, the following photos offer almost the only chance to see these very rare creatures. Unfortunately, not only that they very rare "accidents" of Mother Nature but also due to their white colours, they have a very rare chance to survive. 

       White tigers are mutations of Bengal tigers (the only sub-species of tigers carrying the uncommon gene needed for the white colour of their fur).

Usually, tigers are brown-coloured with dark brown or reddish-brown stripes. In the case of white tigers however, the stripes are on the background of the white skin. And it happens, although very rarely that some species are entirely white.

White Bengal tiger - an incredible but unfortunately "self-destructive" phenomenon of nature.

From far it may look like a small domestic cat....

What may be interesting – white tigers have blue eyes! They are very rare in nature (statistically 1 in 10 000 Bengal tigers may be born as white). According to the written records only a dozen of white tigers were spotted in nature.

If the typical Bengal tigers’ colours serve as a camouflage, the white colour does not help in the jungle, where the surviving depends so strongly on the ability to be “invisible”.

Something disrupted his afternoon nap....

The pictures above were taken in the Loro Parque in Tenerife (Canary Islands - Spain)

See reflections from the visit by clicking:  Loro Parque

     Unfortunately these days white tigers serve mainly as the attraction of zoo parks. And no wonder – as you can see on these pictures, their majestic beauty is just shinning.

As such, they play “inadvertently” a very positive “public relation” role not only raising our interest in wild-life, but also our awareness to the dangers imposed on the wild-life by unchallenged human activities.

I would say they are the most successful “ambassadors” of Conservation Plans although white tigers themselves are not part of these plans because they are all hybrids of mixed ancestry. Their small population is kept alive “artificially” by inter-breeding in a limited pool of genes.

The pictures below are from the Jungle Park (Tenerife)

Seems to be so innocent, gentle and soft - but only from far 

I'm tired, so let me alone!

Sometimes one may ask the question - are these beautiful animals aware of their beauty? For sure being fearless they must be "conscious" of their might.

          This is by itself contradiction to the diversity of nature and so to the conservation efforts not even mentioning the ethics of such actions. This is the sad part of the white tigers’ story.

Yet, if not this - I agree sometimes “doubtful” approach, we will never be able to see not only the beauty of the nature expressed by such mutants, but in general exactly the otherwise unimaginable diversity of the nature of which we are rarely aware.

This white tiger is from the Buenos Aires Zoo Park (see more pictures from Buenos Aires by following the link at the bottom of this page). 

      So let’s enjoy a company of white tigers. I’m pretty sure that for many of us these pictures are the only possibility to spend the time in their company. And more, memories from this "virtual tour" can stay with you for as long as you wish when downloaded to your computers. 

To continue this wild cats "safari" click: Bengal Tigers- previous (page 1) or White Tigers in Captivity- next (page 3)

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