White Tigers
Life in Captivity

White tigers - live in captivity sometimes can be more "human" for these beautiful wild cats.....

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Journey into the mysterious world of white tigers continues...

     These pictures were taken in the Loro Parque in Tenerife (Canary Islands - Spain).

The park itself by far exceeds our typical perceptions of the Zoo. Shortly speaking it offers an “upscale” environment for wild animals not seen in most Zoo parks.

Finally someone understood that Zoo is all about animals in the first place.

This is a very beneficial approach to both parts of the equation, because there is nothing more disturbing for visitors than a caged and “enslaved” animal in a “sorry” state of body and whatever it is – let’s call it “animal mind”.

Finally we are equally benefiting from seeing healthy animals, with enough of roaming space, in good shape. It makes us feel like we are indeed in an African’s Reserve Park observing thriving wildlife on its own. And all that happens in an absolute safety and at low cost.

I’m sure you can see it clearly from these Free White Tiger Pictures that the Loro Park is indeed one of the best designed and managed Zoo parks in the world. And if the pictures of white tigers are not convincing enough then the best you can do is to visit the Loro Parque in person – believe me it will be a memorable adventure.

Not sure yet – Ok, you can read more about this park by following the link: Loro Parque

white tiger

white tiger

white tiger

This one is an absolute rarity in the world of nature.

White Tigers: Buenos Aires Zoo

Free White Tigers Pictures

Free White Tigers Pictures

Free White Tigers Pictures

full size: 4.23MB 3.15MB 3.28MB

Imposing and dignified postures of the "jungle's royalty" - White Tiger.

Free White Tigers Pictures

Free White Tigers Pictures

Free White Tigers Pictures

full size: 3.63MB 2.40MB 1.32MB

Free White Tigers Pictures

Free White Tigers Pictures

Free White Tigers Pictures

full size: 3.94MB 4.61MB 3.32MB

Unfortunately these days white tigers are living only in captivity....:-)

Buenos Aires Zoo Park - Some Facts
     The Zoo located in the center of Palermo - a busy and very tourist-oriented district of Buenos Aires.

This location allows the easy access for everybody just passing by so if you ever visit this South American capital city do not hesitate to dedicate some time for the local Zoological Park.

Despite the physical limitations due to the location of the park, in recent years the Zoo’s administration made a considerable effort to improve the wildlife’s environment.

Among many animals in Buenos Aires Zoo you will see a large section of felines including lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, pumas to mention only the most important ones. Needless to say that white lions with new born white cubs and white tiger are the most attractive inhabitants of the park gathering huge crowds of visitors.

The following pictures of the white tiger are captured there. Although the tiger has relatively limited territory (compared to the one in Loro Park) it has healthy and very impressive look. As much as we can admire his imposing posture, certainly we wouldn’t like to meet him in the wild.

But do not worry – this will not happen because these days there are no reported cases of white tigers living in the wild. The only known white tiger species (actually mostly hybrids of unknown and often “doubtful” bloodline) are living in captivity as the Zoo’s attraction. Why that happened you can read on the previous page dedicated to the White Tigers facts.

I hope that this page gave you good opportunity to see these amazing and rare animals in a good shape. Proud of their prowess and power they belong to the "family" of kings of the animal world.

At the same time I hope this site inspired you for some reflections about the beauty and creativity of the Mother Nature and dangers it is exposed to due to our relentless push for a so-called “progress”….

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Free White Lion Cubs PIctures

Breaking News! (January 2011)

Three white lion cubs were recently born in Buanos Aires' Zoo. Let's see them and celebrate this rare event by either clicking the picture on the left or selecting the following link:
White Lions Cubs

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Jaguars and Leopards

Free African Lions Pictures

See pictures and learn about Kings of the Jungle by vising: African Lions

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