Tour of Iguacu Falls
Map, Info and Advices

Let’s start the tour of Iguacu Falls with map, info and advices helping you to plan your next trip to the Iguazu Falls National Park, the land of unspoiled nature, virgin jungle and waterfalls of stunning beauty.

Welcome to the Parque National Iguazu with the help of pictures and useful tips.

Although this website is dedicated to pictures captured all over the World,  I realized that when planning the visit to the Iguacu Falls National Park, the first and most important information that should be provided is the detailed map of the area.

Map that on one side will give you chance to embrace the scale of the park and at the same time to better estimate the time needed to taste, touch and experience the striking beauty of the Mother Nature.

My goal is to will help you to plan your visit, to see the locations of major waterfalls, to memorize names of some of them…..

It will also help to decide which trails to take and which to skip, how to prepare for the visit, where to eat, stay overnight or buy the souvenirs.

Plan of the Iguassu Falls National Park including trails, walkways, tours, train and services.

1. Iguacu Falls Circuits, Trails and observation platforms
(all shown on the Iguacu Falls Map):

a) Devil’s Throat Circuit (Circuito Garganta del Diablo). This is the most remote trail of metal catwalks over the Upper Iguacu River. It leads to the observation platform at the top of the Devil’s Throat. Usually it is a starting point for visits to the Iguassu Falls.

The sign indicating pasarelas to the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat Falls)

b) Upper Circuit (Circuito Superior) – a system of trails, catwalks, bridges and observation platforms along the upper ridge of the Iguazu Falls on the Argentina side. From here you will have a close-up encounter with Salto Bossetti, Salto Adan i Eva, Salto Barnabe Mendez and Salto Mbigua. You will also see Salto San Martin. Circuits has several observation platforms on the way.

Both circuits mentioned above are accessible by wheelchairs

View of the Iguacu Waterfalls from the top of the cliff.

c) Lower Circuit (Circuito Inferior). It is a long meandering path across the local rainforest with views on Salto Alvar Nunez and Salto Lanusse and then along the lower Iguazu River. It offers breathtaking views on all mentioned above major waterfalls on the Argentina’s side and Salto Los Hermanos. The most popular part of the Lower Circuit is the trail from the boat station to the Upper Circuit.

d) Sendero Verde – this is a nice shortcut for visitors to the Upper Circuit. It is roughly a 10 minutes walk across the nature (you may wait 30 minutes for the Eco-train);

e) Sendero Macuco – is one of the trails “less travelled”, it brings you to the Salto Arrechea. On the way you have very close contact with the rainforest and its wildlife.

f) Sendero Yakaratia – a dirt road through the jungle mostly used by jeeps bringing you down to the boat station for the Grand Nautical Adventure trip. It is not specifically suggested for walking.

g) Sendero de Isla San Martin. To get there you have to take the boat from the station at the Lower Circuit. It should be noted that the boat link operates only at low water levels, so sometimes during the local summer time the Isla San Martin may be not accessible. The circuit offers spectacular views on Salto San Martin, Salto Escondido and Salto Rivadavia. It takes few hours to complete it so plan carefully your time.

One picture is better than thousand words so now please click on the photo of the Iguacu Falls Map, get its full size copy and make your plans for the visit of the Iguassu Falls National Park.

Iguassu Waterfalls - Inferno.

2. Iguacu Falls Tours and attractions:

a) Paseo Ecologico (Ecological Trail) – this is a boat adventure on the Upper Iguazu River along “thousands and one” islets with rich wildlife. It is a great event for birdwatchers and in general those hungry of an unspoiled nature. The tour starts at the train station Garganta del Diablo.

b) Grand Adventure (Gran Aventura). It starts as a “jeep” ride down the the Sendero Yakaratia (from the Visitor Center or from the Food Plaza). The jeep ride ends at the Puerto Macuco. Here speed boat takes you for a white-water ride on the Lower Iguacu River. It brings you then to the mouth of the Devil’s Throat near the waterfalls of the Two and Tree Musketeers (Salto Dos Mosqueteros and Salto Tres Mosqueteros) and then on the Argentina’s side to the Salto Mbigua. Expect heavy "showers" as the part of the game.

h) Moonlight Adventure (Luna Llena). This is the night excursion along the Garganta del Diablo catwalks (pasarelas) to the Devil’s Throat observation platform. It is organized each month only during few days of the full moon (weather permitting).

So what to chose?
The minimum suggested program on the Argentina’s side should include the following: Devil’s Throat Circuit, Upper and Lower Circuits, Grand Adventure, Sendero Verde circuit and Eco Train ride. This is pretty much all you can do in one pleasurable day.

If not too tired then the Full Moon adventure combined with a late diner is a good addition to finish the busy day on the romantic note.


- If you are physically and/or emotionally exhausted (it happens easily in this subtropical climate with so much to see) then there is a courtesy caddy-cart service.
They will take you (for free) from the last train station (Central Station) to the exit where is your car or bus.

Rainforest, rainbow and the Iguassu Falls - can you imagine more spectacular views?

- Carry with you a bottle of water or any other drink. Although the water will be all over and around you, you will still need something cold and liquid to drink in this hot weather.

- Have your sunglasses – the sun reflected from the water is even more deadly for your eyes. Also cover your head with something light and air-transparent.

- Keep quite – let the sound of the nature be the dominant one in the Park of the Iguazu Falls. You will find it as beautiful and well tuned as the best symphonic orchestra. No wonder given the fact that we have there Mother Nature as the conductor.

3. Brazilian side of the Iguassu Falls. – Circuit along the Devil’s Throat is a combination of metal catwalks, bridges and dirt-paths. Gives views on the Garganta del Diablo waterfalls and gorge starting from the base to the top of the cliffs. The trip takes about 2 hours.

4. Hotels – Sheraton Iguacu Falls and Viejo Cataratas hotels are located inside of the Parque National Iguacu (fortunately they are not visible from the waterfalls).

If you stay overnight in one of them, start the day early morning before huge crowds of tourists show up. It makes a great difference when watching these stunning waterfalls alone (or in small groups)….

Iguacu Falls - Beauty of the Mother Nature

5. Iguassu Falls Food Corner - It is located right where you need it – where the two most popular trails – Upper and Lower converge. There is an “all you can eat” buffet for about 90 AR pesos per person plus extra for drinks and two less expensive bars serving fast food. Non of them is ideal, however keep in mind – you are not here to have a great meals but to see the Iguazu Waterfalls National Park

6. Visitor Center – as usually you will find here all kinds of souvenirs (as usually overpriced). But you have to weight your decision – will you have time and opportunity to buy “these things” somewhere else?


- To enter the Iguazu National Park Argentina you have to pay 85 AR pesos.

- If you plan to come back the next day to the Iguacu Falls National Park, do not forget to stamp your entry ticket at the exit. This will give you the 50% discount the next day.

Attractions outside of the Iguassu Falls:

a) Rainforest Safari tour – this is about 2 hours jeep ride across the subtropical rainforest. It is suggested for nature lovers. Do not expect it to be a visit to the Zoo – wildlife may not be easy to spot.

b) Foz Tropicana Bird Park (Parque das Aves) – a large Zoo-type park with countless exotic birds and few walk-in aviaries located on the Brazilian side of the Iguassu Falls (Foz do Iguacu). It is considered as one of the best in the South America and certainly worth to visit by clicking: Parque das Aves - Guided Tour with Pictures

I hope that the Iguacu Falls Map and Info is helping you to prepare your trip to this fabulous waterfalls place.

Much more details about each mentioned above circuit, trail, adventure, tour and first of all waterfalls together with about 200 Iguacu Falls pictures you will find on the following pages:

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And believe or not - on each of the above pages tons of striking pictures!

Just to make sure - you are in the Parque Nationale Iguazu in Argentina.

Good news - if you would like first to relax and get some "soft" contact with the water before starting the tour of the Iguazu Falls National Park, then the best idea is to go to the hotel and swim in the infinity pool. You can do it by either clicking the picture on the left or the following link: 

Iguazu Hotels with Infinity Pools

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