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Argentina travel tips - this time personal safety and financial info especially for those visiting Buenos Aires.

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Argentina: Personal Safety

After focusing on food and restaurants in the first part provided by:
Restaurants in Argentina- (page 1)
and correspondingly public transport provided by:
Argentina Public Transport - (page 2)

now is the time for the personal safety and financial info in Argentina. Needless to say that both these issues are very important. Finally you would like to enjoy your time in Argentina and live there your dreams. 

There is no need to be paranoid providing you are aware of dangers and take the necessary precautions. Simply be careful and use the common sense as you will do it everywhere else when traveling.

Hopefully these tips will help you to have great and safe vacations in Argentina.

  • As in every city they are best areas, good, so-so and “do-not go” ones. For example everybody should visit La Boca, but do not try to walk there. Take the bus or taxi.

    Similarly San Telmo – one of the major tourist attractions, is not the safest place to be although it is difficult to imagine being in Buenos without visiting San Telmo.

    Plaza Dorrego is the center of Bohemian life where music and dance go on probably 24/7…. Here you will find plenty of souvenirs and antique shops- some with real “treasuries” and some with “antique-like-looking” stuff. Do not forget the biggest fair in BA – each Sunday on Dorrego Plaza and surrounding streets.

    Another place where you should be careful is the Retiro (main railroad station) and subway (Subte). These crowded places are a paradise for pickpockets and bags snatchers.

  • Be careful and do not expose your precious objects (gold chains seen on your neck may easily change the owner). Similarly whenever possible, keep your photo or video cameras unexposed.

    The general rule is – carry with you as little as possible. And try to keep these few “little things” in zipped pockets (city’s pickpockets are very skilful). Everything else live in the safety box of your hotel (most short-term rental apartments also have safety boxes).

    To be clear – Buenos Aires is like most big touristic centers, not better but not worse. They are tourists and those trying to profit from their naïve behavior and/or lack of awareness. On the positive note – I was warned few times by local people to keep my camera in its case when walking on the streets of San Telmo.

Free Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Buenos Aires Pictures

full size: 1.38MB 2.48MB 1.40MB

Left - streets of bohemian San Telmo
Center: San Telmo - Calle Chile, the famous bench with the sculpture made to mark the 200 years anniversary of the Revolution of May 1810.
Right: San Telmo - In front of the bar-restaurant "Rey Castro".

  • Cell-phones (specifically these more fancy) may be an easy target for pick-pocketing. You laboriously write your sms concentrated on the keypad and then suddenly the phone is snatched from your hand on gone (often on a bike). So please pay attention when you talk or sms using your cell. This may also happen to your watche (yes, they can evaporate quickly from your whist) – so use inexpensive one.
  • Free Buenos Aires Pictures

    Free Buenos Aires Pictures

    Free Buenos Aires Pictures

    full size: 1.32MB 3.05MB 3.11MB

    The famous Boca - colorful and relatively safe only in the small are of the touristic center. Outside of these limits is a "no-go" zone. Also - do not visit La Boca the day of a football (soccer) game. The games played by Boca Juniors are like magnets bringing not only fans.....
    Left: Invisible man!

    Financial Tips

    Free Buenos Aires pictures

    Usually they are about 3% of the transaction amount. On top of that you have to add the “out-of-control” exchange rate CCs apply to your charge in a foreign currency.

    I'm aware that after reading so many warnings you need some boost of energy and enthusiasm to still pack for the trip to Buenos Aires. This building facade may convince you that you made a good decision. Buenos is a great city and you will absolutely enjoy it.

    • To change your foreign currency in the bank you will need your passport. However this is the only case when you need your passport with you in the city (obviously you will need it at the hotel when checking-in and at the airport). The bottom line is – do not carry your passport with you on the streets of Buenos Aires if you do not want to lose it (see safety tips above).
    • If possible try to avoid exchanging your bucks in currency exchange kiosks and/or similar offices. There are a lot of counterfeit notes circulating in Buenos. So walk “an extra mile” and get your AR pesos from the trusted bank.
    • If you want to rent an apartment (short term), on top of rental fees you will be asked for a substantial “safety deposit” in cash! The deposit will be returned to you the day you are leaving apartment.
    Free Buenos Aires pictures

    Be aware that this is an opportunity for scams and you may face the situation to “weight” the cost of your air ticket versus the deposit. For your best protection either write down serial numbers of the deposit notes or insist on sealing the envelope with the deposit and sign it across the seal.

    Unspoken power and beauty of this few hundred years old tree in Recoleta (see the vast web of roots)....

    If you are renting an apartment through a recognized agency the chances of such scam are close to none.

    However if you rent an apartment on your own then you are on your own.

          I hope that you found here something interesting and helpful and you are ready to move farther with your vacation plans.


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