Saugerties Lighthouse Pictures

This tour in pictures takes you inside of the historical Saugerties' structure proudly standing on the waters of the Hudson River - these days converted to the romantic lighthouse bed & breakfast.

Behind the doors....

The real life was brought to this charming place by converting the spacious interior to the bed & breakfast.

Today, the Saugerties Lighthouse offers for guests two bedrooms (with double bed each), parlor and bathroom as well as kitchen. Out of two bedrooms, the east one is bigger and can accommodate children on folding beds. There are also private quarters for the keeper.

The bathroom including a sink and a shower with hot water is shared by guests and keeper. There is also a "composting” toilet (instruction of “how-to-use-it” is included) to minimize the human footprint on the nature. It should be noted that the Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy put a lot of effort to not disturb the surrounding ecological system while opening the lighthouse to visitors and overnight guests.

Linen, towels, soap and shampoo are provided for B&B guests.

Parlor brings you charming atmosphere of the past

Delicious breakfasts are prepared by the keeper. If you want to make your lunch, the kitchen and an outdoor barbecue grill are available (provided you brought the food with you).

The lighthouse is furnished in the style characteristic of early 1920’s. The parlor and bedrooms are heated by beautiful iron-cast coal-stove. Kitchen reminds those seen on the pictures in grandmothers’ albums.

The fridge with the compressor located on the top is a curiosity itself, similarly as the coal-heated toaster handily operated by the lighthouse keeper.

Bread from Grand-ma's toaster brings old memories....

And to keep with this legacy of old times (and preserve the energy) there is no TV and radios (although apparently there is Wi-Fi signal and cell-phone reception).

But frankly, the surrounding scenery offered by the Mother Nature at the confluence of the Hudson River and Esopus Creek, stunning sunsets, colorful sunrises and sounds of the Hudson River Valley can offer unforgettable spectacles throughout the year putting into shame all you can see on TV screens….

Inside there is also a small museum displaying artifacts from its past as well as documenting the recent restoration effort.

Fridge remembering 30's makes precious part of the kitchen of this romantic lighthouse bed and breakfast...

Next to the restored structure there is a large wooden deck built over the remnants of the first lighthouse foundations. With benches and tables and few trees it is a romantic picnic area overlooking the Hudson River. It is open year round for visitors venturing into this idyllic place.

The main access path – a half-mile trail running through the Ruth Reynolds Glunt Nature Preserve is open from sunrise to sunset.

The trail starts from the parking next to the Coast Guard station. It passes through tidal swamps along cottonwood and elm trees, shrubs, marsh grass and reeds. Despite the fact that part of it is covered by wooden catwalks and bridges, during high tides the trail can be flooded (tides can be up to 5 feet).

For most of visitors this may be surprising because Saugerties are located more than 100 miles far from the ocean.

Behind the windows majestic Hudson River, inside on the window's sill Jack London's novel "Tales of the North"......

The alternative way to the lighthouse is by water (on weekends the cruise boat “Sea Explorer” provides connection from Kingston).

The Saugerties Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast is certainly not the 5 stars hotel. It is rather a simple rustic place but it offers much more than most luxury hotels.

It is a romantic and secluded place filled with the atmosphere of the “old, good times” from the turn of century surrounded by an idyllic nature. Indeed, captivating panoramic views from the top of the lighthouse on the Hudson River and Catskill have no match….

 Saugerties Lighthouse bed and breakfast  Saugerties Lighthouse b&b  Saugerties Lighthouse parlor
full size: 0.6MB 0.62MB 0.53MB

These I would call - tales from the lighthouse...:-)

 Saugerties Lighthouse bell  Saugerties Lighthouse bathroom  Saugerties Lighthouse vintage stove  Saugerties Lighthouse on hudson river
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1st from the left: Original bell from the Saugerties Lighthouse; 2nd from the left: Bathroom (you will be instructed how to use it :-)

 Saugerties Lighthouse  Saugerties Lighthouse interior  Saugerties Lighthouse view on the river
full size: 0.97MB 0.41MB 0.92MB

On the right - breathtaking view from the top....

No wonder – if you want to make reservation for a night, you may have to do it one year in advance….

Good news for visitors – on weekends the lighthouse is open for tours from 12 noon to 3pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Let’s make it clear – the Saugerties Lighthouse and surrounding Nature Reserve is one of these places long gone from our “commercialized” world.

So close to what we call “home” yet fortunately still “light years” away from hectic life and bustling streets in towns.... Let it stay this way…..


Would you like to walk along the Ruth Reynolds' trail ? Then please select the link Saugerties Lighthouse (page 1).

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