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Animals in nature, zoo animals or simply all of that together in Tenerife's  Loro Parque?

        I remember that in my childhood, I liked very much visits to the zoo, because they allowed me to transform segments of my imagination which came from animal photos and pictures that I saw in books into something very real, authentic and alive.

In those times, many years ago, this was also a very inexpensive way to live an adventure that allowed me to experience in person parts of journeys of various explorers seen in books and movies that in pursuit of their courage and curiosity were discovering never before travelled to countries and territories.

However, as time went by, the charm of the zoo has faded away.

As I became more mature, instead of seeing magnificent wild animals I saw the suffering and sadness in caged creatures that are begging to live in their natural habitat rather than in a cage or fenced in cell.

Or may be is it because exploration for us is now a reality as the world has shrunk and become accessible and affordable for such adventures?

Tenerife landscape and mountains nature

Mysterious nature of Tenerife.

If you want to make a tour of the Tenerife's El-Teide National Park then click on the nature's picture on the left or the following link:
El-Teide Volcano Park

I remember like it was yesterday the first impressions from a visit to a safari park in Northern Canada, when this time we, the human beings, were closed in cages moving across the habitat of freely roaming wild animals.

And it seemed to me like those black bears, wolves and other wild creatures were watching us with joy and amazement in their eyes, as opposed to the sadness and despair expressed by their caged counterparts we meet at the zoo.

     Given all these heartbreaking feelings, quite reluctantly I decided to visit the much publicized Loro Parque located in Puerto de Santa Cruz in Tenerife , Canary Islands. After crossing the entry gate it took me only few minutes to realize that this is not just another zoo park as some of the others I visited in my life.

First of all the Loro Park focuses only on few groups of animals. I think the selected animals, "big" mammals, such as Tigers, Jaguars, Gorillas and Chimpanzees, make Loro Parque a special place. But then these chosen few are treated with all the nobility and dignity associated with belonging to the free world.

Free Gorilla Monkey Pictures

They also deserves an afternoon nap.

To see these magnificent creatures either click on the left picture or the following link: Monkeys

    Let’s start with the large mammals as normally these kings of the animal kingdom are the biggest magnet force of any zoo. If I would like to compare their living conditions to us human beings, I will have to say that these "big guys" are living in luxury penthouses rather than apartments, penthouses designed for them and not for us visitors.

     Looking just at the animals pictures we could think that indeed there were taken somewhere in the natural wilderness of Africa.

Jungle like trees, waterfalls feeding deep ponds of water, formations of rock, etc… everything to the smallest detail… is conceived for these guests of honour. And all that in the greenery of spring-time Serengeti-like steps perfectly replicating habitats of their ancestors.

And I’m consciously writing "ancestors" because today their relatives due to human activity are facing the radical changes of natural environment. What’s left from their once luxurious habitat is more and more a bare resemblance to that of zoo parks. It took me some time to realize the absence of gadgets commonly used in almost every zoo, like for example tires in a gorilla's playground.

As if tires are growing in the jungle – well may be these days… Personally for me, the most imposing was the power and elegance of the white tiger. I believe it is a very rare specie these days. Laying down on the grass in apparently relaxed position he was still radiating his conscious self-righteousness, his deserved but dignified pride of The King in charge.

Also striking, with their massive torsos were gorillas.

It may be because for the first time I saw them from so close in their natural forested environment, so close that I almost felt their breath...

Planet Penguin is the next story deeply written in my memory.

Like in the best documentary movie in front of you, opens Antarctic world of snow, sea and icebergs with more than 200 penguins playing and interacting gently in their natural home environment.

And they look so "human" in their postures, the way of moving, touching each other.

You almost feel it, the love and care these birds express to each other. These are like the best moments from the famous "March of Penguins". It made me smile seeing few Antarctic Kings gathering “under the artificial cloud” from where little snowflakes were falling in a joyful dance ….Matured kings, just like children trying to play….

Free Parrots Pictures

Am I not cute ?

To see these beauties go to: --> Parrots 

Loro Parque has one of the biggest collections of parrots in the world. Most of these colorful creatures stay for their whole lives in big cages. Here they are sparsely dispersed an Amazonian like nature.

Most of my time dedicated to parrots, I spend in the humongous cage encompassing a fragment of jungle where “chosen ones” were living almost free lives. Tree-top observation platforms, canopy sidewalks offered the luxury of melting down with the natural habitat of these beauties. What a joy to see them flying, jumping, talking to each other, “kissing”….

corral reefs

What a fantastic sea world!

For sure, Loro Park is much more than what attracted my attention. Specifically for kids, the shows with orcas, dolphins, parrots go on all day around.

The big aquarium with all kind of creatures from killer sharks to the “rainbow” of coral reef may take your breath away. But I am sharing just my favorites.

From that visit I have not only beautiful memories, but also the quite impressive collection of free animal pictures I’m sharing with you on this site.

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