Old Town Cracow Restaurants

Old Town Krakow Restaurants invite you for dining fiesta in restaurants combining the venues and atmosphere of the remote past with the art of cooking and serving.....

Old Town Cracow Restaurants -   The Dining Experience!

Cities - with their architectural marvels lining streets, collections of arts in museums, monuments dotting plazas, parks, theaters, churches and other spirit boosting and emotion raising attractions undoubtedly can feed for long our souls and imagination.

But regardless of this variety of choices for the soul, sooner or later we also realize the need for a real food to keep running our bodies as well as retain our already “high state of amazement”…..

Some of us, being in an insatiable mood to see more & more or being afraid to loose the precious time may grab a Big Mac and keep going…

But matured tourists, the real travel-connoisseurs know that eating is an essential part of “savoring the life”, exploring new frontiers, taking pleasure in being “Somewhere-Else”. The culinary experience may be even the purpose of being some-place-else far from the Big Mac!

Old Town Cracow Restaurants - Bird's view on the Old Town of Cracow.
On the foreground - the Royal Palace "Wawel"; Behind the royal complex you can see the Old Town with the famous Market Square.

That is why the Amazing-World-in-Free-Stock-Pictures-and-Photos would like to introduce you to the world of restaurants and bars carefully selecting the places for Dining or Social Time – this time in Cracow (Poland).

Dining in Cracow - Underground world of Cracow's restaurants: Cyrano de Bergerac (Fine French cuisine)

Do not expect here to see a guide to Cracow’s restaurants, another Michelin’s List, detailed menus or countless pictures of the “culinary art on the table” (the latter most likely you will find on the websites of individual restaurants).

Cyrano de Bergerac    - Fine French cuisine

What I’m trying to do is to show you the places where potentially The Dining is an event for All-of-Your-Senses. The places where meals may not only heavenly taste, smell and look, but also where settings, ambiance and vibes, where charm, decorations and often colorful history behind may greatly enhance your eating experience…..

Famous Cracow's Restaurants - Wierzynek – the origins of this restaurant can be traced back to the 14th century when the local merchant Nicholas Wierzynek at the request of Polish king Casmir the Great organized an extravagant party for European monarchs…

Restaurant Wierzynek   Medieval history
Cafe-Restaurant Wierzynek    Polish & International cuisine

Introducing to you the World of Cracow’s Restaurants (as you will see quite often it is an Underground World) I’m not promising the top culinary experience (although I’m sure that menus and service will make happy even the most demanding clients).

The intention is rather to reveal to you prospects of an out of ordinary Dining Experience.

Often, it will be a journey in an underground world of cellars remembering Medieval Cracow.

And certainly it will be the journey combining venues and atmosphere of the remote past with today’s hospitality and creative art of cooking and serving…..

Fine Dining in Krakow - An interesting way of serving Shish kebab (Shashlik) in the restaurant "Sasiedzi" ("Neighbors")

Restaurant Sasiedzi   Polish food

Old Town Cracow Restaurants - Russian restaurant "Wisniowy Sad" (view through the restaurant's window on the garden....

Cracow as a cultural center and one of the top tourist destinations in Europe offers a large network of restaurants, bars and cafes - some already operating here since forever…..

It is impossible to present all of them, so please consider these pages as an arbitrary attempt to open the doors to an unknown (yet) world….

The rest is up to you, because for sure no description or photos can replace the real “All-Senses-Feeding-Experience” – The Dining!

Old Town Cracow Restaurants - A truly unique restaurant "Once Upon a Time in Kazimierz" is a mixture of old Jewish and Polish traditions....

"Once Upon a Time in Kazimierz"    Jewish Restaurant

But please keep in mind that to truly live The Dining Experience you should first of all make sure that you have the time then right away forget about your watch.

Because The Dining it is not a “ready-to-go” then “grab-and-run” incident…. It takes time to fully take pleasure in it!

Old Town Cracow Restaurants - Camelot offers you also "Window seats"....

Krakow Bars - Café Camelot   A little place not to miss...

Fine dining is certainly a highly desirable event we may be all longing for - at least from time to time. However on a daily basis (especially as a tourist) much more often we look for a good cafe-bar where we can temporarily “hide” from the crowd on the streets, stretch legs, have a chat with a friend (or read a newspaper if alone) and all that when sipping one of these godly drinks either in form of coffee, tea or beer.

And here I have great news – you are in the right place because Krakow is famous for its cafe-bar culture.

Dining out in Medieval surroundings of the restaurant Pod Aniolami - laureate of many culinary awards, promotes an Old Polish cuisine representing the best traditions of royal and aristocratic tables. And frankly, almost from the beginning the restaurant scored high notes from visitors thanks to delicious meals, romantic ambiance and mysterious medieval atmosphere hanging in the air...

Restaurant Pod Aniolami

Throughout the years most of local cafes gained reputations of “noble” institutions having their well deserved place in the cityscape. Nestled in cellars, basements, former shops or ateliers, quite often hidden from sight they often feel like a intimately-warm grandma’s apartment.

And certainly with their atmosphere filled with candlelight, antiques and some dose of mysticism hanging in the air – a cup of coffee or a drink are not the only intoxicating elements they offer……

Each of the following presentations is accompanied by the large selection of pictures giving you chance to have an “initial feeling” about the place.

You will find here upscale restaurants, but also some “casual with style” and bohemian ones.

Although they are different and incomparable, they all have something in common which is Uniqueness…..

Throughout the following pages I will try to avoid classification of restaurants, cafes and bars into any particular group. Well, regardless of my opinion, at the end it will be your feeling that matters….

OK, so now it is time to start exploring the amazing world of the old town Cracow’s restaurants by selecting from the following links (presented in an arbitrary order):

Restaurant Wierzynek   Medieval history
Cafe-Restaurant Wierzynek    Polish & International cuisine
Cyrano de Bergerac    - Fine French cuisine
Krakow Restaurant Hawelka   Polish-Galician-Viennese dishes
Poezja Smaku (The Poetry of Flavor)   - Traditional Polish cuisine
Historic Restaurant Grodek    - Polish-European cuisine
Klezmer-Hois    - Traditional East-European Jewish cuisine
Wisniowy Sad (Cherry Orchard)   Russian Restaurant
Chimera - Underground Restaurant    Traditional Polish game food
Restaurant Sasiedzi   Polish food
Restaurant Pod Aniolami    Traditional Polish cuisine

Cherubino    Italian Restaurant
Krakow Bars - Café Camelot   A little place not to miss...
Chimera - Garden Salad Bar    Vegetarian Buffet
"Once Upon a Time in Kazimierz"    Jewish Restaurant

Wish you a wonderful journey and bon appétit!

Do you want first to walk a bit along the streets of the old Cracow before choosing the place for dining? Here is the opportunity!

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