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Puerto Madero - modern district with tourists' attractions like Woman’s Bridge, Frigate- Museum Sarmiento, Forbat Museum of Arts, Birth of Venus by Lola Mora and plenty of restaurants and bars...

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Puente Mujer (Woman's Bridge)

     The Puente de la Mujer thanks to its beautifully simple line is worth of attention.

In technical words - it is an asymmetrical, forward Canterlever-type suspended bridge with an unusual for this kind of bridges feature.

Its suspended part can rotate by 90 degrees to allow passage of boats. The visible stabilizing pylon serves as a support for the far end of the bridge when rotated. The bridge is 160 meters long, 6 meters wide while its suspension arm is 39 meters tall.

In a more “imaginative” description – for some the bridge resembles a sharp fishhook, for others a harp. Some try to find Argentinean analogy in its geometrical form saying that actually it depicts Tango Dancers.

A man represented by forward leaning mast is keeping in his hands (cables) a woman – here symbolized by the gracefully curved profile of the bridge.

Well, I’m not sure how far imagination can go (obviously only sky is the limit), but I can add more arguments to this interpretation by quoting George Bernard Shaw who called dancing:

"The vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music"…..

The bridge spanning Dock 3 was completed on December 2001. Few years later it received the illumination system highlighting its delicate body during the nighttime.

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

full size: 3.13MB 3.62MB 3.44MB

Elegant silhouette of the bridge may inspire your imagination to see your own story behind its form.....

Church of Our Lady of Hope

    Worth to mention is a modern structure of Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza (Church of Our Lady of Hope) - designed in a form of rotunda by the team of architects Poli, Casano and Zubillaga. It is located at the intersection of streets Aimé Painé (Mapuche Princess) and Rosario Vera Peñaloza. The church dedicated to sailors was consecrated in 1996 and became the parish in 2006.

Museum of Fine Arts

     Interesting is also the Museum of Fine Arts founded by Maria Amalia Lacroze de Forbat. The two-story modernist concrete, steel and glass building – a design by the Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly was inaugurated in 2008.

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires - Museum of Fine Arts

It holds a vast private collection of art acquired over the years by Mrs. Forbat. The building includes a sophisticated “retractable roof” - an interesting feature specially made at the request of Mme Forbat who used to say:

I've always wanted to look at pictures and the stars at the same time.

Source - http://bainspiration.com/en/2008/10/20/abre-el-museo-fortabat-en-puerto-madero

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires - Museum of Fine Arts

Well, while most of us can only dream, some actually can live the dreams ….. But honestly I greatly appreciate the genuine offer by Mrs. Forbat giving us the chance to be “part of it”….

The museum of Fine Arts funded by by Maria Amalia Lacroze de Forbat.

Frigate President Sarmiento

     This sailboat was built in 1890 as the modern training ship for the Argentine Navy. In addition to the traditional masts it was equipped with a coal-fired steam-engine and electrical generators. An impressive three-wheel chain drive had an electric servo-drive greatly helping helmsmen to control the rudder.

Free Puerto Madero Buenis Aires Pictures - Frigate President Sarmiento

     The ship was designed as a training center for cadets on their first tour of duty prior to the graduation as naval officers. As a result, it did not have any extensive arsenal of gunnery. Worth of notice was a single torpedo launching tube located on the bow.

Named after the 7th President of Argentina - Domingo Sarmiento the ship was retired from the service in 1961, then after being restored to its “close to original” appearance it serves as a museum. Today the Presidente Sarmiento Frigate is considered to be the last intact training ship from the 19th century.

Training warship for Argentinean naval forces - Frigate Presidente Sarmiento (more pictures below).

Lola Mora in Puerto Madero

    Unfortunately most tourists do not venture farther into the east part of the district so they miss few interesting sites.

Surprisingly, as sharply as the jungle of sky-scrappers raises from the ground on the east side of the riverbank it also ends abruptly opening into the vast wilderness called “ Reserva Ecologica”.

Free Puerto Madero Buenis Aires Pictures - Lola Mora

     Those who embark on this path of adventure will be nicely surprised not only by the large and mostly virgin park. They will be also rewarded by seeing the monumental decorative fountain composition - “Font of the Nereids” by the most famous Argentinean female artist – sculptress Lola Mora (at the time, a student of Auguste Rodin).

Puerto Madero: “Font of the Nereids” - the monumental fountain by Lola Mora (more pictures below).

Free Puerto Madero Buenis Aires Pictures - Lola Mora

The fountain composition made from the white Carrara marble portrays the “naissance” of Venus.

It was intended for installation on the Plaza de Mayo, but after sparking moralist outrage over its nude Venus, the fountain found a temporary site on Avenida Leandro Alem. In 1918 this masterpiece was relocated to its final place in Puerto Madero.

BTW such stories always force me to ask the fundamental question – can ever a “buttoned up to the neck” female be called Venus? What is wrong with these people?

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

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Birth of Venus by Lola Mora

Puerto Madero: Gallery of Pictures.

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

full size: 4.06MB 3.31MB 2.31MB

Frigate President Sarmiento: On the right: Photo of the sail-ship from its good times....

Free Puerto Madero Buenis Aires Pictures _Frigate Presidente Sarmiento

Map of trips by Figate Presidente Sarmiento over the years 1899 -to- 1938.

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

full size: 3.01MB 3.27MB 3.82MB

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

full size: 2.79MB 2.21MB 1.73MB

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

Free Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Pictures

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Despite its small area of about 170 hectares, Puerto Madero has it all - memory of past thanks to old warehouses and cranes, modern day architecture, wide promenades and parks.....and the most important - an irresistible charm!

We finished the tour of the “urban” part of Puerto Madero – a place not to miss if by chance you are in Buenos Aires. But this is not all – just behind the last line of skyscrapers there is a completely different world.

The area that was first reclaimed by men from the Rio de la Plata and them claimed for the “exclusive use” by the Nature. That seems to be a rare case in our lives because usually “things” go other way around. I would say – chapeau to the city of Buenos Aires for such wise and visionary deeds.

Together with nature we can all enjoy this unique place hoping that it will stay this way forever.

For those interested - please be ready for a long walk (you may opt for bikes, they are allowed in the park). So lets start the last part of the tour by selecting:
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If you want however start the tour from the beginning, then please follow the link:
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