Timisoara Cathedral
in City of parks and gardens 

The Orthodox Cathedral combining the best of Byzantine style with elements of old Romanian style is still one of the biggest churches in today’s Romania...

Red brick walls, 11 towers and mosaic of glazed red and green roof tiles make this imposing, 272ft (83 meters) tall structure the focal point of the Victory Square.

Cathedral’s vibrant colors beautifully contrast with the greenery of Municipal Park just behind the church.

Few facts:

 - Cathedral’s floor-plan has the shape of cross. 

 - Seven bells (together weighting about 8 tons) were designed such way that each one represents one of musical tones. Their melodic line (harmony) was designed by the Romanian composer Sabin Dragoi. Today the bells are operated electrically.

- Most of Cathedral’s paintings are work of Romanian painter - Demian Athanasius.

- Cathedral is consecrated to Three Holy Hierarchs – (in Romanian “Trei Ierarhi”): St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom.

Timisoara's Metropolitan Cathedral - view from the Cathedral Park

- Since 1956, Metropolitan Cathedral holds the relics St. Joseph of Partos (1568-1656).

He was born in Dalmatia (Adriatic Coast in today's Croatia) and is considered by Christians as having gift of prophecy and wonder-making. His relics are a priceless treasure and source of spiritual gifts for all believers. 

- Cathedral’s floor is made as the mosaic of tails with local motifs representing the region of Banat.

- Cathedral’s lower level houses the museum with collection of religious art, old religious writings, objects, icons and artifacts from Timisoara’s old churches.

Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral
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Interior of the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral in Timisoara

Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral
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Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral
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From the left: Beautifully decorated dome and the main altar in the Timisoara's Cathedral

Timisoara  Metropolitan Cathedral Timisoara  Metropolitan Cathedral
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Left: Eternal resting place of the Holy relics of St. Joseph,

Right : Icons above the main altar

Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral
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Left: Richly decorated Cathedral's doors, Right: View on the Cathedral from the back (Sanctuary) . This picture also shows that the Cathedral is located at the edge of the park...

Timisoara – city of Parks and Gardens

Thankfully, Timisoara’s post WW2 expansion was accomplished without sacrificing the belt of green acres, parks and gardens encircling the old city. Today, numerous municipal parks like Roses Park, Central Park, Cathedral’s Park, Andrei Mocioni Park, Botanical Park scattered along the Bega Canal provide a kind of “soft”, natural transition zone between the historical Old Town and the “pollution” of the modern–day outside world.

In a way they “confine” vibes of the glorious past still well alive on the streets and plazas of the Old Timisoara preventing them from spreading and disappearing over the vast areas of municipal apartment buildings and industrial zones mushrooming outside of the green belt.

Timisoara Municipal park Timisoara Municipal park
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Scenes from the Cathedral  Park and Central Park

Some parks have been established long time ago, contributing to Timisoara’s nickname “Flowers’ Town” or “Parks’ Town”. The most famous one – Roses Park was founded in the late 19th century by Timisoara’s nobles with great contribution of Wilhelm Mühle – owner of horticultural garden, several solariums and devoted admirer of roses.

Timisoara Victory Square - Piarists church Timisoara Liberty Square - Nepomucen Statue
full size: 2.35MB 1.85MB

Left: Piarists' Church (architect - László Székely);

Right: Statue of St. Mary and St. Nepomuk on the Liberty Square.

These days Timisoara, the biggest city in the western part of Romania, is the vibrant touristic, economic and cultural center struggling to connect its glorious past with the reality of 21st century.

If you want to start the tour of this beautiful city please select Timisoara Walking Tour

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