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Rediscovering Sicily

Sicily is tourist’s paradise – open book of history of ancient and medieval civilizations, open-air museum of their achievements, beautiful landscapes and beaches, friendly people… 

        If you found this site because you already decided that Sicily will be your next destination, then please feel to be our precious guest. 

Our goal is to offer you on the following pages “first-hand” information from Sicily. 

Hopefully you will find here something interesting, may be even intriguing or captivating about Sicily, something inspiring you even more to (re)discover this remote and most likely unknown island. Because let’s face it (with all our respect) - for many, Sicily is a long-forgotten land of ancestors or at best a distant, isolated hiding place for Mike Corleone. If this is your case, we would like to encourage you to re-visit the glorious past and like Mike, to find the “Love of your life” – in this case the Fascinating Sicily.

Greek Temple in Agrigento

      This site is a “work-in-progress”, so please accept our modest “early stages”. But be sure, that we are committed to continuously update content to offer you all you may need to know before setting your foot on this beautiful island.  You will find here plenty of information, facts, and opinions, known and untold stories, amazing (and may be just so-so) descriptions …  But the goal is consistently one:  

Monreale: Monastery

Catania: Ursino Castle

Help you to live in Sicily the “Time-of-your-life”

You will find here:

  • Detailed description of most attractive places to visit in Sicily (cities, individual attractions, nature parks….);
  • Advices and warnings regarding what to expect when driving on Sicilian highways and streets of major cities;
  • Information about Sicilian food, sweets, wine as well as green and fish markets;
  • Tons of precious “everyday-life” details gathered during our several months’ long tour of the island and more….

And, because we recognize that pictures are worth more that thousands words, this site is generously “stuffed” with literally zillion of photos.

For those that did not decide yet what is their next travel destination, we would like to dedicate few following words that may help to understand that Rediscovering Sicily may be the best decision ever (well, at least till the next great trip) :-)

Let's start from --> Rediscovering Sicily

Tips for Visitors

Sightseeing Fun Train in Catania

        Fortunately (for visitors) most historical centers in Sicilian towns are small and easy to explore even on foot. Actually in many cases, given abundance of “historical jewels” dotting relatively small old towns, walking is the only way to discover the richness of Sicilian history, culture, art, and architecture. Walking along the narrow, but vibrant Sicilian streets gives you also priceless opportunity to get in touch with local life, to sense its atmosphere, feel its vibes, smell (and even better – to sip) a freshly brewed espresso at the café bar….. 

So the first and most important advice for visitors is .....

See details at: --> Visiting Old Towns

Tips for Drivers

Driving on highways is a breeze....

  I’m pretty sure you already read tons of blood freezing (or raising pressure) blogs pointing to “lunacy” of Sicilian drivers and perpetual chaos on the streets. But after spending almost three months behind the steering wheel on Sicilian roads and streets I can say that such stories do not reflect the reality, but rather the need for sensationalism! 

But driving in the city is a totally different story!

Let me start with two statements:

  • Driving on highways and on countryside roads (essential to explore the island) does not require any “extra” skills or “7th sense”, however: 
  • Driving in big cities like Palermo, Catania, Messina… does! And it is not due to the fact that traffic lights as many bloggers claim may have only decorative value (kind of “Christmas Tree), or that traffic regulations may be randomly overruled. The real danger comes from bikers (scooters) fearlessly and carelessly meandering between cars on busy town streets....

See details at:

--> Sicily by car

--> Driving in cities

--> Parking

--> Driving on highways

Tourist Destinations

Zingaro Nature Reserve: Coastline

         Obviously, Sicily is a Treasure for everybody willing to embrace “old” (in terms of time), but “new” (in terms of our experience”. Certainly, Sicily with its treasuries spanning from ancient archeological monuments to let’s say magnificent achievements of 17th-18th century Sicilian Baroque will amaze everybody. Add to that very specific ambiance and vibes you will feel across the streets of old towns, unique taste of fresh, mostly local and organic food and enriching encounters with local people....

See details at:

--> Top Sicilian Tourist Destinations

--> Wine Tasting Tour

--> Sicilian Nature

If you enjoyed this visit, then please share your experience with friends :-)

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